10 Movies That Will Make You Cry

There is a time and place to watch these 10 movies that will make you cry. This is when guys are alone and need a tearjerker to release some of that stress. Get out from behind that mask of masculinity and cry when nobody else is looking. Admit it men, we all know that we have feelings, but we choose to act like insensitive jerks so that the women in our lives won’t realize we are human. Don't worry, no one's looking—here are some movies to go with those tears.

  1. "The Passion of the Christ" This one is a given to any person in the world no matter what religious denomination you are. Seeing a man beaten within an inch of his life for over an hour will invoke any man's soft spot. This movie will not only make you cry tears of  rage, it will make you feel every other emotion inside the spectrum.
  2. "The Notebook": This is, without a doubt, the ultimate love story. Nicholas Sparks’ books are made to make any man or woman that reads them cry tears and the movies adapted from his books bring out even more tears. This movie will pull on your heart strings and make you really re-evaluate your love life.
  3. "Old Yeller": He shoots his dog, his best friend! This movie will make you cry no matter who you are—young, old, male, female. Remember having a puppy as a young child and how much he meant to you? Now imagine that dog you took camping, on walks, slept in the same bed with because you were afraid of monsters; imagine having to put him down and kill him. Time to grab some tissue.
  4. "Fever Pitch": The movie is about a guy's love for baseball, who doesn't love baseball? Think of being a Red Sox fan. Now think of being a Red Sox fan with season tickets. Now think of being a Red Sox with season tickets who has to sell those tickets. Now try to remember where you left that box of tissues.
  5. "Saving Private Ryan": Insert any war movie here. War sucks, seeing it in this light just makes it stand out. If this movie doesn't make you cry about losing a friend, you are evil.
  6. "We Are Marshall": Movies made from true stories are always sad. A group of young, talented kids with bright futures ahead of them die in a plane crash. No movies make men cry more than movies about sports tragedies. "We Are Marshall" is no exception to that rule.
  7. "Field of Dreams": There's something about men and baseball movies that makes them bust out the crying fits. Add a father-son storyline to that and you've got the formula for a movie that will make any man cry.
  8. "Steel Magnolias": Not expecting this one? We know it's a super chick flick, but we dare you to try and keep a dry eye when Sally Field goes hysterical at her daughter's funeral. If you don't drop one tear, you seriously have problems.  
  9. "The Crow":The story of love is a powerful tool and can cause anyone to do anything.
  10. "Green Mile": The wrongfully accused always pulls at heartstrings. What if this was you? That is all anyone can think of during this movie and nobody wants to see an innocent man die. This movie hurts and inspires all at the same time.

Watching movies that will make you cry on a first date will help you seal the deal.  It'll show (or fake) your compassionate side and emotion. If you're going that route, "The Notebook" will help you in the panty-dropping department. Now go out and pick up your ‘I heart The Notebook’ T-Shirt and proclaim to the world what we all secretly know; guys have emotion.

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