10 Movies With Women In Wetsuits

Are you ready to watch the best 10 movies with women in wetsuits? We thought so. After all, what could be more entertaining than an adventurous, wet woman squeezed into super-snug diving gear? Not much. Unfortunately, Hollywood just doesn’t make as many movies with women in wetsuits as it does lousy teen comedy sequels. That can make it hard to get your fix—unless you have a good list from which to work. Here’s that list—the 10 best movies with women in wetsuits:

  1. "Hunters of the Reef" This late-70s offering features none other than Mary Louise Weller doing a bit of deep-sea diving. Don’t recognize the name? You might know her better as the cuter-than-cute (and briefly topless) Mandy Pepperidge in "Animal House."
  2. "Point Break" Hey, some guys like their movies with women in wetsuits to feature girls who are a little on the scrawny, butch side. "Point Break," the Zen-surfers-as-bank-robbers Keanu Reeves/Patrick Swayze vehicle provides the hook up for those guys. There's plenty of Lori Petty in a wetsuit, and it was made back when she was a little cuter and a lot less creepy/crazy.
  3. "D.R.E.A.M. Team" A cadre of top secret agents who double as supermodels keep the world safe from an anthrax plot devised by former underage porn starlet Traci Lords. Angie Everhart and her team of hotties spend some time in wetsuits to foil the scheme.
  4. "Open Water" Yeah, it’s creepy. Forgotten husband and wife divers float around until the sharks kill one and the other commits suicide. Nonetheless, Blanchard Ryan is a cutie and she’s in a wetsuit for nearly the entire flick. The best movies with women in wetsuits don't always have happy endings.
  5. "The Spirit" You can catch a glimpse of Eva Mendes in a wetsuit while she jet-skis with Will Smith in "Hitch," but "The Spirit" provides wall-to-wall Eva-in-a-wetsuit action. Watch this stinky comic book adaptation for Mendes, not for overall movie entertainment value.
  6. "Fantastic Voyage" Two words: Raquel Welch. Three more words: tight, white, wetsuit. Red hot Raquel saves this 1966 sci-fi offering from snoozer status. I don’t know how they shoehorned her into that wetsuit, but I bet it was fun!
  7. "Deep Blue Sea" Saffrom Burrows looks pretty darn cute in that black, short-sleeved wetsuit. However, the eye-popping reaches new levels when she forced to strip down to her undies when using the wetsuit as insulation from electric shock. Burrows may be no match for a great white, but she’s an easy pick for movies with women in wetsuits.
  8. "Tomb Raider II" Angelina Jolie in a wetsuit. Now that’s entertainment!
  9. "Mizar"/"Frogwoman"/"The Woman Who Came from the Sea" This Italian-made 60s flick features Dawn Addams as an underwater military specialist. Originally titled "Mizar," it eventually made its way to the US under multiple alternative titles. This is old school stuff, but there’s a reason why Addams ended up marrying an Italian prince and making dozens of movies despite her acting deficiencies, and that reason is readily apparent when stuffed into a wetsuit. Apparently, there’s a hard-to-find 1959 Addams feature, "Rommel’s Treasure," that features scuba action, too. She may be the only actress to appear in two movies with women in wetsuits.
  10. "Thunderball" Claudine Auger can wear a orange-red miniskirt-styled wetsuit with a front zipper better than anyone in history. Period. Her performance actually makes you want to have her point a spear gun in your direction.
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