10 Mule Deer Hunting Tips

Going home without a trophy mule deer is frustrating, so better keep these 10 mule deer hunting tips in mind. Although being successful during your hunt is not needed for the hunt to be a good one, having something good to bring home still makes a huge difference.

  1. Be familiar of the place where you are going mule hunting. Study the area first before you head out there. Remember, you’re going to be the one doing the hunt, not the one being looked for if you got lost.
  2. What part of the mountains should you go to when hunting for mule deer? You want to go where food is abundant—the sides of the mountains and ridges. If you can’t find fresh tracks here, then move on to another area where there are a lot of greens.
  3. The best time of the day to hunt for mule deer is early morning and late evening, during the time when they are feeding. They will be less sensitive this time, so grab that chance and make a good shot.
  4. If you can’t find any mule deer in the area where you are in, don’t go deeper into the woods, especially if it is thick there. You won’t only find mule deer there but also other dangerous animals such as snakes so better not go there.
  5. A lot of mule deer are nocturnal so when the sun is out there shining, they are already sleeping. So while it’s still dark, go out there and look for your mule deer trophy.
  6. Learn how to follow tracks, including how to detect if they are fresh or not. These tracks will lead you to the location of mule deer so you better follow where they are headed to.
  7. Mule deer have large ears, and they are really good when it comes to hearing. Be very silent, and make sure that the sounds you make are not enough to make the mule deer run away. If possible, wear clothes that do not make sounds when they rub each other.
  8. When scouting an area, start early in spring and a few days before the start of the hunting season. Be familiar with the area, and study carefully the maps. When mule hunting starts, you will know where and where not to go.
  9. Make sure that you are physically and mentally fit to go mule hunting because this can be a strenuous activity. It demands a lot of action, so be ready for that. Prepare yourself well before you go out there in the field.
  10. When shooting, get a good stance and ensure that your location is not easily spotted. Position yourself well so that when you make the shot, it will just be once. Missing the shot the first time will mean losing your supposed to be trophy mule deer so be very careful.
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