10 Must-Have Gadgets For Men

This article talks about the 10 must-have gadgets for men. Men and gadgets have a very intimate relationship. Men can live without sex but cannot do without their gadgets that get them through the day. Here are the ten must-have gadgets for men described for you.

  1. Video games PS3s (Play station 3), Nintendo, (Wii), NFS (need for speed) etc have kept men company since their inception. They are completely addictive and most men if aren't already, will eventually get hooked to one of these.
  2. GPS (Global Positioning systems) Although men have a good sense of direction, this is one of the ten best gadgets for men who are too busy to figure out a map while driving. Most men swear by this gadget to get from point A to point B, in any city and state.
  3. Mobile Music Systems IPod (Apple) and other brand names have made music highly accessible and mobile. The have been a great gadget for men since they can listen to music while running, at work, while driving or even while working out.
  4. Smart Phone IPhone (Apple) and other smart phones have revolutionized the way men think and live. It is a phone, a mini computer, a music player, a GPS system, an e-business tool, an entertainment system, a social networking medium all rolled into one tiny gadget. This is undoubtedly the best of the ten must-have gadgets for men.
  5. Calculator At work or at home, most scientific calculators are a thinking man's friend. Keep them handy for a quick audit on practically anything.
  6. Digital and High speed cameras Nikon, Canon and tons of other camera makers provide digital cameras as one of the ten must-have gadgets for men. The SLR is a good example. You can capture countless memories and scenes in high quality in your daily life for ever.
  7. Laptops, Desktops and more Cant live without these. These are the most common of the ten must-have gadgets for men. Most of our lives revolve around these devices. Work, play or both a laptop is the gadget for it. Depending on your taste and budget, there is something for everyone.
  8. HD (High Definition) TV Super size them! These gadgets are better, bigger! Super high clarity of sounds and visuals. Nothing seals the deal with a man than a large screen HD TV.
  9. Blue Ray DVD player and DVDs This new generation of DVD players have revolutionized the clarity and power of recorded media like movie DVDs and sports. This is a hot new must-have gadget for men.
  10. IPad (Apple) This highly coveted tablet has throngs men lining up the stores. It is a super efficient, super slick, easy to use computer with amazing quality and speed of operation. This is definitely one of this year's best must-have gadgets for men.
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