10 Must See Heist Movies

Fans of movies about bad guys ripping off the innocent will love these 10 must see heist movies. Everybody loves heist movies because you end up rooting for the villains just because they are so good at what they do. 

  1. "The Italian Job" 1969. The remake could never compare to the original must see heist movie because no one can rob a bank like Michael Caine can. Movie goers loved the spectacle of colored Mini Coopers racing through the streets of Turin and recognized this as one of the best heist movies. 
  2. "Rififi" 1955. Europeans know how to pull of heists and this black and white must see movies proves it. The only thing missing from this one is Humphrey Bogart but that apart it is dark, gloomy and keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  3. "The Thomas Crown Affair" 1968. A bank executive rips off the bank. How shocking ? It was at the time but somehow doesn't seem so unfathomable any more. This thriller started the notion of inside jobs and for that reason if no other it is a must see heist movie.
  4. "The Bank Job" 2008. Jason Statham plays an English bank robber involved in stealing a safe deposit box that holds embarrassing information about the Queen's sister. It was based on a true story and it made a great heist movie but somehow it didn't make a big box office splash.
  5. "To Catch a Thief" 1955. If there was ever a more stylish due than Cary Grant and Grace Kelly then they have been forgotten because these two are icons of class. This classic bank heist movie showed Grant at his charming best and remains a must see movie. 
  6. "A Fish Called Wanda" 1988. This movie featured some of the "Monty Python" crew along with Kevin Kline and Jamie Lee Curtis. The Americans were the bad guys and the English the victims for once but all in all it was a movie heist fans must see.
  7. "Asphalt Jungle" 1950. Legendary director John Huston was behind the camera in this top ten heist movie of all time. Sterling Hayden lead a talented cast and this black and white movie classic stands the test of time and remains popular today.
  8. "Reservoir Dogs" 1992. Hard to believe now that Quentin Tarantino was once a nobody but this film launched his career. Not the typical heist movie but this violent, blood soaked classic is a must see.
  9. "Usual Suspects" 1995. This movie truly had an all star cast but no one stood out more than Kevin Spacey. A multi-faceted heist movie and a modern day classic it is a must see movie.
  10. "Inside Man" 2006. Denzel Washington never makes bad movies and this must see heist movie is no exception. Clive Owen picks up where Michael Caine left off as the English bank thief but Denzel is more than a match for him.
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