10 NBA Players That Can’t Dunk

With so many basketball players reaching heights of 6 feet or above, it is hard to imagine the existence of 10 NBA players that can't dunk. The NBA is home to some of the tallest and most athletic men in the world, however, there are a few players who lack the ability to dunk.

  1. Damon Jones. Playing for the Milwaukee Bucks, this 6'3 guard has not been spotted dunking in a game.

  2. Steve Nash. Phoenix Suns' guard, Steve Nash, is 6'3 and has yet to perform a slam dunk in a game.

  3. Kwame Brown. The 6'11 center player for the Detroit Pistons has not had the run expected when he first entered the NBA and is among the list of NBA players that can't dunk.

  4. Jamaal Tinsley. Tinsley is a guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, standing in at 6'3, he is one of the NBA players that can't dunk.

  5. Eddie House. Standing at 6'1, Eddie House is another player in the NBA that can't dunk or at least has not been recorded doing so. He is a guard for the New York Knicks.

  6. Jameer Nelson. This 6'0 guard for the Orlando Magic has not been spotted dunking in a game.

  7. Tyronn Lue. Lue, also a guard for the Orlando Magic, is also one of the few NBA stars that can't dunk at 6'0 tall.

  8. JJ Barea. Dallas Mavericks' 6'0 guard, JJ Barea, lacks the skills to take the ball to the hoop and dunk it.

  9. Sergio Rodriguez. This 6'3 guard for the New York Knicks has not shown the skills to dunk so he also gets a spot on the NBA players that can't dunk list.

  10. Luke Ridnour. 6'2 guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, Luke Ridnour, is not excluded from the list of the players that can't dunk. He has not shown the ability to dunk in a single game.



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