10 Neck Tattoo Ideas

Here are 10 neck tattoo ideas for the bold and fearless. The best part about getting a neck tattoo is you have cast off the conservative frock that society dictates you wear. Permanently. You understand that part right? Unless you own a lot of turtleneck sweaters, people will be scrutinizing your ink for the rest of your totally hard core, awesome life. So hell, you better make that tattoo a good one.

  1. Ignorant. You can’t have 10 neck tattoo ideas without offending someone. A neck tattoo is like a big middle finger jutting out at society. It is meant to irk, offend, impress and express all that other stuff you can get from a Hot Topic T-shirt. It’s a perfect medium for any racist, sexist, antisocial views you currently harbor. So get an Eskimo chick with devil horns waving a Confederate flag while feasting on whale flesh.
  2. Stupid. Some people are, shall we say, special. Special people often forget who they are or where they live. To keep things simple, they often take the same approach a farmer takes to a cow. But instead of branding their haunches, special people get cool neck tattoos. Getting your name, city or area code tattooed on your neck is silly. But getting your name, city or area code tattooed on your neck in an elegant, cursive script is special.
  3. Religion. You can’t have 10 neck tattoo ideas without touching on religion. We are like, a totally spiritual people. But remember, this ink is on your neck for all to see. Therefore, in the spirit of not oppressing anyone, get someone else’s religion tattooed to your neck. If you are Catholic, get some cool Sanskrit ink you can’t read or understand. If you are Hindu, get one of those cool, goth, bleeding carpenter tattoos.
  4. Foreigner. Your own culture is boring. Everyone speaks the same language, eats the same food and likes the same sports. Adopt a new culture and tattoo it to your neck so everyone can see how multicultural you are. Asian characters are great because even if you forget what it says, you can make something up.
  5. Clone. We are all stars or butterflies in this inked life. The tramp stamp is passé so if you need to copy your friend’s cute star or butterfly design, you should definitely one up her. No one will look at her ass anymore because they are too busy staring at your neck in awe.
  6. Drugs. Drugs are great and you should defiantly let everyone know you do them. The marijuana thing is a little over done though so maybe you should get into opiates. Or better yet, pay homage to the little drug vices we often neglect to brag about. Picture how cool a Starbucks double caramel macchiato will look on your neck.
  7. Straight. Nothing shouts masculinity more than emo tattoos. If you are man enough to sport vampire fang bites on your neck without blushing like a twelve year old girl, than go for it Count.
  8. Obscure. As neck tattoos increase in popularity, you will have to come up with weirder and weirder designs to throw off popular scent. Avoid zombie wounds, Rihanna inspiration and tribal marks. To be the obscurest, coolest kid on the block, get Jimmy Carter’s grinning head inked on your neck. The 39th President is coming back en vogue. That freak put solar panels on the Whitehouse in the 70’s. Hardcore!
  9. Musical. Any 10 neck tattoo ideas will have some sort of a warning about tattooing a popular band name. Screw that. This is your neck and that is an insanely popular band. At least people staring at you in reverence will recognize the band name Slayer. That’s the band you were thinking of right?
  10. Barcode. Getting a barcode tattoo on your neck is totally original. Plus it makes some sort of a statement as you stand there in your Nikes, wearing your Gap clothes while reading email from your Gmail account. When the tattoo artist asks what digits she should carve into your neck, give her your social security number.
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