10 Nerd Sex Tips

It’s no surprise that we’re mostly attracted to intelligent members of the opposite sex, so equip yourself with these 10 nerd sex tips because your next sexual encounter is just around the corner. Whether your partner is a fellow nerd or not, be proud to flaunt your nerd sex appeal. Show your partner that nerds know how to have fun, too!

  1. Do your research. Be resourceful in finding information about the opposite sex. Search through books, magazine articles and instructional videos at your public library and online about every erogenous body part and how to give pleasure, especially to the clitoris.
  2. Share your pornography. You’ve saved all of your favorite porn sites, but up to this point, they’ve only been for you. Your partner will feel more connected to you if you include her in this otherwise private part of your life. Watching porn together will get you both in the mood for a steamy night in bed.
  3. Have webcam sex. It’s extremely exciting to be able to see your partner, but not be able to touch her. Do a seductive striptease and pleasure yourself in front of the camera. The feeling of exhibitionism will have you both so turned on for the next time you’re together in person.
  4. Dress up as your favorite sexy video game character. If you’ve had wet dreams about a video game character, it will be all the more exciting to see that character in person. Work a little cosplay into your sexual experience and let your imagination run wild.
  5. Act out sexual fantasies. You may have always envisioned dominating your sexual partner in a Darth Vader mask or having a romp in the middle of fields of war. Talk to your partner about making these sexual dreams come true and be open to fulfilling her wishes.
  6. Talk dirty with text messages. Technological foreplay may be just what you need to set the mood, so try sending each other dirty text messages or naked digital photos of each other. She’ll have you spending the whole day imagining your favorite sexual positions, but the excruciating buildup will be worth it.
  7. Use sex toys. You’re good with gadgets, so why not try out the sexual kind? Reach even higher levels of pleasure with vibrators for her.
  8. Have sex on the computer (literally). It can feel especially releasing to let yourself go wild and reach climax on your treasured equipment. Besides, you know how to fix it and you may even have spare parts lying around.
  9. Take notes on your partner. There will be certain sexual positions that bring her maximum pleasure or sensitive parts of her body that she likes to be touched, kissed or breathed on. Be sure to note down all the unique things about her sexuality so you can please her in the same way next time.
  10. Analyze how it went. After a session of relaxation, show her you care by being inquisitive and asking her questions about what she liked and didn’t like. Also, be open and share your opinion on the sexual experience, as communication is key to a gratifying sexual relationship.
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