10 New Career Ideas At 30

Need 10 new career ideas at 30? The idea to change careers at the age of 30 is one that either comes to a person desiring change or is forced on a person who has suffered a job loss.  Either way you look at it, changing careers at 30 takes some planning.

  1. Nursing is an always in demand career path.  The reason for it's popularity is likely due to the high demand, fair pay and excellent benefits that comes with this career.
  2. Freelance writing is a career that can be an easy transition for anybody who already does a fair bit of writing in their current career or in their personal life.  It is a great way to get paid for what you love to do.
  3. Web designer is gaining momentum as the world is becoming more and more Internet driven.  The pay for this career can be substantial.
  4. Medical Assistant is another great career choice.  It offers similar advantages to the nursing careers and is in high demand as well.
  5. Computer technician is a career choice that requires relatively short training time and an amazing salary.
  6. Physical therapist is a choice that yields a nice salary with a fairly short training period.
  7. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is a career that offers an excellent opportunity as a starting point for a multitude of other career options.
  8. Becoming a chef is an excellent career choice for those who have a passion and aptitude for the culinary arts.  There are various trade schools and programs in almost every city that will prepare you for this career.
  9. Becoming a Veterinary Assistant is a another great way to start a new career with fair salary, minimal training and decent open opportunities.
  10. Computer Programmer is another excellent paying career that is always in demand.

 Weigh your options, investigate the training requirements and available facilities and make a career change for the future.  Changing careers at the age of 30 is not only a goal that can be accomplished but one that is very common.

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