10 New Hampshire Motor Speedway Camping Tips

Want to know 10 New Hampshire Motor Speedway Camping Tips? New Hampshire Motor Speedway Camping tips are not always easy to come by. We have gathered ten of the best tips for NASCAR fans so that people can plan for their trips accordingly. All camping trips go better with some simple planning.

  1. Reserve your spot early, and get to the Races early! It is important to remember that Nascar racing is a sport that is loved by the masses. If you want a ticket in New Hampshire you want to purchase the tickets early, in order to get the best spots possible. Tickets go quickly and are very popular, so remember that the tickets you see today will be gone tomorrow!
  2. The cost of camping is $150.00 until all the spots are gone. This is a good price for campers. The campsite can stay up all weekend and it is available to race fans 24 hours a day. Its better than trying to book a hotel room during race season, and you get to be where all the action is.
  3. Remember to keep your stickers on the vehicles at all times. If you don’t keep your stickers on your vehicles, they may be towed or vandalized.
  4. Organize all your camping gear ahead of time. You don’t want to reach the race grounds and not have the items you need. Keep all your camping gear in clear plastic containers. This makes it easier to locate and prevents things from getting wet. Remember to bring rain gear. New Hampshire is beautiful, but like most of New England you can “Wait five minutes and the weather will change!”
  5. Speedway Traffic and what to expect. Expect heavily congested traffic and having to wait for quite a while to get in and out of the parking area. New Hampshire Motor speedways is located in a little town, but it always ends up having a high volume of traffic during the racing season. Most people understand that there will be a lot of traffic and are fairly good natured about it.
  6. The campground is one big party. Do expect the following: lots of music, people in large gatherings, people willing to stop and be friendly. Also expect: music turned up loud, people listening to the races from their vehicles, making friends with strangers, and an adventure of your lifetime.
  7. Don’t forget to bring your own liquor. You won’t regret it! The campground has a wonderful party atmosphere and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the enjoyment.
  8. There are various things to do in New Hampshire during race weekend. New Hampshire is a duty free state with many malls and outlets to choose from. It is a great shopping destination. There are many places where people can camp, swim, fish and hike, and tons of outdoor activities to choose from. New Hampshire is a beautiful state with lots of wildlife to enjoy. Portsmouth is a historic city in New Hampshire and it is a wonderful tourist destination. It has everything from historic museums, to shopping, and nightlife. You won’t be disappointed visiting it.
  9. Make sure you get your pictures and souvenirs while at the races. It is important to connect with your favorite drivers. New Hampshire speedway is a smaller track and is well suited to the meet and greet that NASCAR racers love.
  10. Be sure to check out the New Hampshire speedway Website for what is allowed and not allowed while camping. It is located at http://www.nhms.com/fansfirst/camping_policy/.


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