10 New Year’s Eve Wedding Food Ideas

Combining New Year's Eve and your wedding is a great way to ruing in the new year with these ten New Year's Eve wedding food ideas. Since most New Year's Eve weddings are traditionally held late, don't torture your guests by making them stay hungry until the meal is served. Or worse yet ask them to eat a full meal late at night.

  1. Fig Newtons. These yummy little treats are high in fructose and glucose and are surrounded with bread. Studies show that glucose and bread are effective ways to sober up Uncle Charlie so he doesn't embarrass you on your special day.  
  2. Sliced turkey or beef. Now that you've gotten them sobered up, how do you keep them awake for that late-night event. Lean protein eaten in small amounts throughout the night should deliver a steady stream of complex sugars to the body and help your guests stay alert.  
  3. Pita bread. Your guests will get enough simple sugar with the cake and fig newtons. Steer them toward complex carbohydrates like whole grain breads to keep them sober, alert and healthy.  
  4. Vegetable plates with cheese dip. The trick is to keep your guests eating light but healthy. High-fiber foods such as raw cauliflower, broccoli, carrot sticks, and celery make an attractive display that will help your guests through the night.  
  5. Buffalo Wings. So much is going on this time of year. This is a classic. Just be careful with the wedding dress.  
  6. Strawberries. Nothing engulfs the senses more than strawberries with champagne. Your guests will definitely enjoy snacking on strawberries throughout the evening. Again we suggest you watch your wedding dress.  
  7. Whole-wheat crackers. These come in a variety of shapes and flavors and can be served with a spinach and cheese dip. Or if you like a more polished hors d'oeuvres look, you can top them with a low-fat, sliced cheese and black olive.  
  8. Black-eyed peas. This may be a little out of place at a table otherwise devoted to simple snacks, but you should have at least one traditional good-luck food to start the new year and the new marriage. Black-eyed peas is the best known. If you are going to cook this dish with a coin to bring wealth, warn your guests so they can be on the alert for it.  
  9. Cabbage rolls. Cabbage is also considered a good luck food in some cultures. Although this is not as well known as black-eyed peas, it can be rolled up and served instead (or in addition to) the peas.  
  10. After Midnight Soup. In Europe it has long been a tradition to serve a hearty chicken soup after midnight for long parties. Especially on your New Year's Eve Wedding you might want to include that traditional after midnight snack.
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