10 Novelty Gift Ideas

These 10 novelty gift ideas can come in handy for any gift giving occasion, but they're especially great for the holidays. Many workplaces and holiday parties have started having "white elephant" gift exchanges (also know as Dirty Santa or Grinch exchanges) instead of the traditional "Secret Santa." For these exchanges, often the fun factor is more important than the quality of the gift, so having a fun novelty gift can really up the competition. If you're looking for novelty gift ideas, check out some of these.

  1. "A Christmas Story" Leg Lamp – Just about everyone's favorite Christmas movie is "A Christmas Story," which tells the tale of little Ralphie and his quest for an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle. For fans of the movie, this replica of the "Leg Lamp" Dad received is a real treat! If $40 for the full size lamp is out of your price range, there are also night light sized versions available for around $12.
  2. Spinning Pole Dancer Alarm Clock – Got a confirmed bachelor friend? This novelty gift alarm clock will get him "up" and at 'em every morning! Strippers not your cup of tea? There are novelty alarm clocks available for a wide variety of interests, with many different shapes and sounds to get your day started with fun.
  3. Westminster Butt-Face Towel – This fun towel is white on one end marked "face" and brown on the other end, marked "butt." The recipient of this great gift will never again have to worry about whether he's drying off his face with the part of the towel he just used on his bum! Gift packs are available matching "Butt-face" soap.
  4. Flingshot Flying Monkey – This great novelty gift idea is perfect for a low-budget gift exchange where fun is a high priority. The monkey in question comes equipped with a cape and a mask, and with the help of his stretchy arms, goes flying through the air with ease. This is a gift that's great fun for everyone, from children through adults.
  5. Bed Bug Plush – What with the outbreak of bedbugs that's plagued the US this past year, most of us know at least one person that had to deal with the nasty little buggers. Help make light of the situation with this oddly adorable bed bug plushie. Lots of other microbe plushes are available from GIANTMicrobes.
  6. Executive Sandbox Construction Zone – Like the ever popular "Zen Gardens" that executives keep on their desks, except this time the tools you get for working in the sand include die cast construction vehicles! A great novelty gift idea for anyone in the construction business.
  7. Chocolate "Doo" Drop – Sort of like a giant chocolate kiss, except it's shaped like poo. You know there's someone on your gift list that will find this novelty gift idea hysterical.
  8. Bacon Gifts – The love of all things bacon is nearly universal, and there is a plethora of novelty gift ideas for the bacon lover on your list. Everything from bacon flavored toothpicks, dental floss and lip balm can be found with up to more substantial gifts like the bacon doormat or even a bacon watch with a strap that looks just like our crispy breakfast friend also on the list.
  9. Handerpants – Never let your friend go naked under their gloves again. These fingerless gloves are designed to look and feel like men's cotton briefs, and can be worn under gloves for added warmth or on their own just for the fun of it.
  10. The Ultimate Geek Pen – For the perfect novelty gift for any nerd on your list, this pen has it all! Twist one way for a ball point pen, twist the other way for a stylus tip to use on your phone or game device. Buttons activate the laser pointer and both regular and UV flashlights.
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