10 Nude B Movie Girls

These 10 nude B movie girls are the reasons each and every red-blooded male goes and watches the trashy flicks, to see some boobs and hot action. No B movie is complete without these lovely ladies. Whether battling aliens or rolling around in bed, these B movie girls look hot doing so either fully clothed or in the nude. B movies may have low budgets but they do not go cheap on the bullets, blood or boobs. Here are the 10 nude B movie girls to check out:

  1. Julie Strain. The quintessential B movie queen who reigns supreme in every movie she has been in for years. This statuesque beauty has not been in a movie where she is not nude and looking hot doing it.
  2. Kari Wuhrer. A B movie shorty who made a living in direct-to-video erotic thrillers. Her nude scenes was worth a rental at least just to admire her hotness.
  3. Tura Satana. This sultry stunner is a B movie goddess even though she wasn't fully nude in Russ Meyer's classic films. But her huge boobs and awesome cleavage made up for it!
  4. Shannon Tweed. A B movie veteran of numerous '90s erotic thrillers has amazing amounts of nude scenes to spare. If she isn't nude in the film, you rented the wrong video!
  5. Shannon Whirry. Another B movie girl of the '90s appears nude in so many sex films such as "Animal Instincts." She brings new meaning to the phrase: "body of work."
  6. Adrienne Barbeau. A former go-go dancer in the late '60s later moved on to an acting career. Her claim to fame began in the 1970s as the "tough chick" with a super sized rack.
  7. Debbie Rochon. A B movie nude girl from way up north in Canada has already built an impressive resume of naked goodness. Check her out in "Broadcast Bombshells" to "The Good Sisters."
  8. Ashlie Rhey. This West Virginia native definitely has put together an extensive catalog of nude greatness. The B movie girl was a constant staple in many horror, comedy or softcore sex flicks.
  9. Joan Severance. A B movie regular as a femme fatale for many unsuspecting leading men in so many nude-driven plots. She never disappointed when it came to turning up the heat.
  10. Pam Grier. Queen of the blaxploitation films who also gave us great nude scenes in between kicking butt and taking names. This girl was not a person you wanted to mess with back in the day!
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