10 Nude Female Athletes



Women's sports may not have greater attendance or economic impact as male sports do, but they'll always be around, whether Title IX remains or not. Why will there always be woment's sports? Because there will always be sexy female athletes for us to watch, and sometimes the hottest thing in the world is a sexy lady who can kick your butt on the court.

Everyone knows that the most beautiful female athletes have the best bodies; these 10 nude female athletes just showed theirs off as ultimate proof. Some of these 10 nude female athletes posed for Playboy, while others did it for calendars and other publications to raise the profiles of their particular sports. Even if they didn't, they sure raised some eyebrows (and maybe some other body parts). Here is a list of 10 nude female athletes who have posed and bared it all.

  1. Katarina Witt – The famous figure skater's pictorial shattered the image of figure skating's innocence, as Ms. Witt appeared full frontal, pubic hair and all. The result? Playboy's first issue to sell out since Marilyn Monroe's centerfold; a great introduction to this list of 10 nude female athletes.
  2. Madeleine Dupont – The captain (or "skip") of the Danish women's curling team posed topless for a calendar called "Fire and Ice" to bring more interest to the sport. Even if it didn't, it sure brought more interest in Madeleine Dupont.
  3. Gabrielle Reece – Gabby's beach volleyball bod was often on display as she played. She bared it all for Playboy, though, showing a nice all over tan. Simply one of the hottest nude female athletes of all time.
  4. Ineta Radevica – This Latvian long jumper would cause many men to jump long distances to meet her. A classic Eastern European blonde, she bared it all in Playboy. She easily belongs on any list of nude female athletes if only to prove that a track and field body can be just as feminine as any other.
  5. Amanda Beard – American swimmer Amanda Beard is always in something that leaves little to the imagination. That made her a natural to join the ranks of nude female athletes. She posed for Playboy in 2007.
  6. Lauren Jackson – This tall drink of water is an Aussie basketball player. She not only appeared in Australian magazine "Black and White" but also was the cover girl of a book called "Athens Dream" in which Australian athletes posed nude to raise money for the Olympic effort. Nude female athletes seems like a foolproof fundraising tactic.
  7. Rena "Sable" Mero – Way back in 1999, Sable was the WWF's hottest star. Her issue of Playboy was one of the best-selling in the magazine's history. Later pictorials of Chyna were not quite as enticing.
  8. Tatiana Grigorieva – A Russian pole vaulter, Tatiana looks lovely in black and white nude photos taken before her Olympic fame. Though, in none of them is she holding a pole.
  9. Nicole Reinhardt – A German kayaker who appeared in that country's version of Playboy, she made a rarely watched sport one to ogle at the Beijing Olympics. She definitely has nice oars.
  10. Anna Kournikova – Though she's never appeared nude of her own accord, there are pictures floating around of paparazzi shots of the Russian tennis babe in the buff. Her sex symbol status (more than her athletics, to be truthful) places her on this list of nude female athletes.
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