10 Nude Women Athletes

These 10 nude women athletes are hard to come by these days as busy lives spent in front of the TV or the computer are to blame for many hot women losing their shape. For sexy women to look at their best nude, they can't lead the sedentary lives that our work-obsessed society encourages. One group of women who combine work and staying in shape are professional athletes. When you burn calories for a living, you are going to look pretty good without your clothes on.

  1. Nicole Midwin She may not be a household name, but she is a professional volleyball player, which means she is barely clothed at the best of times. Nicole, who was once a teammate of Olympian Kerri Walsh, decided to strip off for a recent photo shoot. She is now more famous as a nude woman athlete than she ever was as a volleyball player.
  2. Ashley Harkleroad Who? In case you have never heard of her, she is a United States tennis player. More importantly, she is a sexy brunette who bared her bronzed breasts in "Playboy." Unbelievably, she was the first tennis player to become a nude women athlete. 
  3. Gabrielle Reece The tall and perfectly toned Gabrielle Reece got pulses racing when she posed for full frontal nude shots in "Playboy." With so much competition for sponsors in professional sports, let's hope she decides to earn some more money by going nude again.
  4. Pasha Grishuk Hard to believe so few men watch Olympic ice dancing when blonde bombshells like Pasha are on the floor. Charming breasts and a butt to die for dazzled Muscovites when she went nude in the Russian version of "Playboy."
  5. The Brazilian Soccer Team Trying to zoom in on any one of the naked Brazilians in the "Playboy" shoot is hard because they are not only naked, they are practically having a mass orgy. The shots have to be seen to be believed.
  6. Katharina Scholz There were suddenly bigger than usual frankfurters all over Germany when hockey star Katharina stripped for a magazine shoot. The Cheryl Crow look-alike's nude photos prove there is more to field hockey than tartan skirts and knee length socks  
  7. Amanda Beard United States swimming star Amanda ditched the stuffed animal and all her clothes to join the ranks of nude women athletes in a PETA campaign during 2008. She may have stripped for a good cause but it doesn't mean men won't look at her pictures for all the wrong reasons.
  8. Ineta Radevica When you're a female athlete representing Nebraska and Latvia, you have to do something to get attention, so why not become a nude athlete like triple jumper Ineta? The blonde bombshell won gold at the 2010 European championships, which means fans will get to see plenty of her for years to come. 
  9. Madeleine Dupont The thought of a nude women athlete from the sport of curling might make your stomach turn until you realize the days of frumpy old women playing the sport are over. Now we get to enjoy more hotties like this little stick of Danish dynamite. Move over little mermaid, Copenhagen has a new sex symbol.
  10. Katarina Witt Long before she was the token older women in "Stars on Ice," German Olympian Katarina showed off her mightily impressive breasts and everything else she had to offer in "Playboy."
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