10 Old School Skateboard Tricks

If you aren't familiar with ollies and you don't know what a handplant is, chances are you need to brush up on these 10 old school skateboard tricks. Skateboarding has been around since the late 70s and it continues to grow in popularity. Found at local skate parks, in parking lots and often weaving in and out of pedestrians on the sidewalks, skateboarders are everywhere. Many kids spend a great deal of their time just hanging out and practicing the latest tricks, but it's the die-hard skateboarders that put in the time (and war wounds) to learn old school skateboard tricks like these.

  1. The Ollie The ollie was invented by Alan "Ollie" Gelfand in 1978 and is considered to be the most important fundamental trick in skateboarding. With the ollie, skateboarders are able to pop their boards up into the air, their feet remaining in full contact with the board throughout the jump. Because so many other old school skateboard tricks rely upon the ollie, it's essential that the new skater learn this trick first.
  2. 50-50 Grind The 50-50 grind is another popular old school skateboard trick, in which the skateboarder ollies up onto a ledge or curb and grinds both the front and rear axle assemblies, otherwise known as trucks, along the edge.
  3. The Handplant Handplants are cool skateboard tricks that require a substantial amount of coordination. This is the skateboard trick where the skater plants one hand, balancing on it as he raises his feet and board up over his head. New skaters find this a difficult skateboard trick to master and spend a great deal of time doing face-plants before they get it right.
  4. Front-Side Airs Front-side airs are one of the more popular skateboard tricks that are seen on ramps. Getting enough momentum on the ramp, the skateboarder pops his board up and grabs air as he turns in midair.
  5. Back-Side Airs Like the front-side air, the back-side air is popularly seen on skateboard ramps and is usually performed after the skater has become more comfortable on vert ramps and has familiarized themselves with back-side kick turns.
  6. Bowl Carving Bowl carving is an essential old school skateboard trick for those who skate in old swimming pools or bowls as opposed to vertical ramps. It allows the skateboarder to gain speed and momentum, allowing him to perform more tricks.
  7. The Impossible (360 flip) Perhaps one of the most impressive, yet versatile, old school skateboard tricks is the impossible. Whether performing on a vertical incline, a flat or in a bowl, the skater is able to pop the board up, make it do a 360 degree flip in mid-air and land the board as it comes down. Amazing!
  8. The Casper The Casper flip is a tricky skateboard trick that requires a lot of coordination. It's a double-air trick where the skater kick flips the board up into the air and, as the graphic comes into view, the tail is then tapped around to turn the board in back in the opposite direction. It combines two separate air tricks and takes a lot of practice to master.
  9. The Butter Flip: Invented by Keith Butterfield, the Butter Flip involves hopping both feet onto one side of the board. This old school skateboarding trick is one of those essential basics that every skateboarder should learn.
  10. The Pogo A fun skateboarding trick, the pogo involves standing on the rear truck, getting centered and balancing over the board as the skater uses the tail of the skateboard like a pogo stick, bouncing on the back of the board. This can be performed as a handed pogo or a no-handed pogo.

Grab your board and get ready to practice! These old school skateboard tricks are essential training tools, not only for impressing your friends, but also for getting you ready to perform more complex tricks. Be sure to wear the proper protective gear when performing these tricks; otherwise, make sure you have lots of bandages on hand. 

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