10 Olympic Athletes Nude

Out of all the nude athletes, there are 10 Olympic Athletes nude that are extremely sexy. These women have posed nude for different magazines. They are all beautiful females with sexy nude bodies.

  1. Amanda Beard. When you are looking for an Olympic athlete that has posed nude, you will see Amanda Beard everywhere. She is a United States Swimmer. She has been in the Olympics four times. She has posed in "Playboy" several times. One of the first times in 2007. Her recent pose in "Playboy" was in support of PETA.
  2. Svetlana Korkna. This Russian gymnast has over 27 international metals. This beautiful woman has posed for the "Russian Playboy" magazine. She played in the Olympics through 2004.
  3. Maria Butyiskaya. Figuring skating for the Russian team is what Maria does. She is one of the Olympic Athletes nude. In 1999, she was the oldest person to win the singles title at the World Figure Skating Championship. She appeared in the 1998 "Russian Playboy" Magazine.
  4. Katarina Witt. Yet another figure skater who is an Olympic Athlete nude. She is the most celebrated athlete that has ever posed for Playboy. In 1998, she posed for "Playboy". This is the second issue ever to sell out. She won four World Championship titles and won many gold medals.
  5. Amy Acuff.  This Beijing athlete is another Olympic athlete nude. She has played in the Olympic games as a high jumper, although she has never won any medals. She is known for being the 2004 "Playboy" cover girl.
  6. Haley Cope. Swimming is the game for this Olympic athlete nude. She has had a silver medal in swimming. She has had a very uninspiring career. She did pose for "Playboy" in the "Olympics Issue" with Amy Acuff.
  7. Fanni Juhasz. This beauty makes a beautiful Olympic Athlete nude. She is known for being the Hungarian Pole Vaulter. She was in the Olympics in 2004, but has achieved no medals. This beauty posed for "Playboy."
  8. Lauren Jackson. This tall basketball player easily makes the list of Olympic athletes nude. She has beautiful blonde hair and the height to go with it. She was in the Olympics in 2004. She was on the cover of "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition" in 2005. She has also posed nude in the Australian magazine "Black + White."
  9. Brooke Hanson. Along with the other swimmers, Hanson makes the list of Olympic athletes nude. She posed for the Australian magazine "Black + White," along with her boyfriend.
  10. Nicole Rheindart. This kayaker posed for the "Playboy Olympic Edition." She is known for winning the gold medal in kayak competition. She plays for Germany's team.
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