10 Olympic Wrestling Moves

Summing up 10 Olympic wrestling moves seen in Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling isn't easy. Both forms of this wonderful sport are included in the Olympic Games. The difference between the two forms of wrestling is that in Greco-Roman Wrestling competitions, attacking above the waist is permitted. Here are some of the Olympic Wrestling moves employed by these sportsmen.

  1. Underhook Counter. This Olympic wrestling move is employed when your opponents underhooks you. Traditionally, you would struggle to break free. With the Underhook Counter you swing your arms around and bend down to grab your opponent’s calf, lift him up and take him down.
  1. Passing the Guard. This Olympic wrestling starts with a wrestler squatting on top of his opponent. The wrestler on top grips his wrists firmly against the ground and stands up with the gripped wrist.
  1. Trapped Leg Roll. Down on the ground? Just employ this move to grip your opponent’s feet with your hands.
  1. Single Leg Takedown. This Olympic Wrestling move is employed when you see the back of your opponent. You kneel down to grab his knees, pull them towards you and execute a take down.
  1. Taking the Back. This is another Olympic wrestling move executed when your opponent’s back is facing you. Grip your opponent from behind immobilizing his arm. This can be most effective when using both your hands and knees.
  1. Rotate Double Takedown. This Olympic wrestling move is ideal when your opponent standing above you and you are kneeling. Drop to one knee and grab his legs, with one hand on his knee and one hand behind his thigh, execute a takedown.
  1. Submission Grappling. Similar to regular grappling this move is executed with both fighters on the ground. As your opponent is on top of you, lift one knee and grab his knee to gain control.
  1. Duck Under to Lift.   This is one of the more impressive Olympic Wrestling moves.  On your knees grab the opponent’s crotch area via the thigh; pop his hip area onto your chest.  In this position your entire weight is pinning his body down.  Look upwards, stand up and slam him down to score maximum points.
  1. Standing Arm Bar. This wrestling move starts with grip your opponent’s arm from the top thereby gripping his chest. With his upper torso immobilized, bring him down and cross your legs over the arm.
  1. Fireman’s Carry to Ankle Lace. For This Olympic wrestling move is executed by bending down to carry your opponent in a fireman’s lift and bringing him face down with you on top. With your shoulders on his hip reach for the laces and pull the feet towards you. With the opponent’s feet locked up by your arms, roll your body over to score points.
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