10 One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Getting your girl a great gift can make or break your relationship, so having 10 one year anniversary gift ideas for your girlfriend can prevent alot of those sleepless nights on the couch…alone. You made it! One year together boy does it fly by, now time to figure out  what to get her.

Don’t fret here are 10 One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend that she will surely love:

  1. Jewelry— Believe or not you never go wrong with a piece of jewelry as a one year anniversary gift idea for your girlfriend.  A pair of pearl earrings, a beautiful gem of necklace, or even a pretty bracelet any one of these she will be sure to love.
  2. Flowers–Send her favorite bouquet of flower to her work with a note of poetry as a one year anniversary gift, not only will she be thrilled but her co-workers will be jealous and impressed giving you brownie points for later on.
  3. Hike/Picnic–For the outdoor couple a nice hike will do and a picnic afterwards is the icing on the cake…literally.
  4. Fun Adventures–For the "let's just have fun" couple, a couple of one year anniversary gifts ideas are: bowling, laser tagging, ice skating, bumper cars, and mini golf. Not only are they fun but if you did any of these when you first got together it will reconnect to the early days of your relationship.
  5. Book–If she is an avid reader, buy one of her favorites and read it together. Have your own little mini book club.
  6. Art–Is she into art? Well, a creative one year anniversary gift idea is to get picture made of her in her favorite style like pop art or renaissance, this will amaze her.
  7. Theatre– If she loooooves drama, take her to a play. Plus who regularly go see plays anymore? It’s a nice change from the typical movie theatres.
  8. Comedy–Is it time for a good laugh? For a funny one year anniversary gift idea, take her to a comedy/improv show, we all need something to laugh at.  
  9. Romantic Night In–Are you guys are homebodies?  A romantic one year anniversary gift idea is to buy her a snuggie, pop some popcorn, and watch her favorite film.
  10. Home Cook Meal–If want to make use of your talents.  Put your talents toward your one year anniversary gift  idea for your girlfriend by cooking her favorite meal and have a stay at home dinner with candles, some soft music in the background, and her favorite bottle of wine which will add a personal touch for true romance.   

No matter what you do, remember she loves you, you can’t go wrong whatever you do. 

Happy One Year Anniversary!

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