10 Online Dating Tips For Men

Online dating can be a fun way to meet a new special someone, and these 10 online dating tips for men will help you maximize your chances of finding a great match. Whether you're looking for a serious relationship or simply someone with whom to go out and have a good time, you can be a successful online dater if you choose the right site, take the time to develop a detailed profile, and keep an open mind. Use these tips to guide you.

  1. Choose the right site.  Thousands of dating sites exist on the Internet, and not all are created equal.  Browse a few to find the best fit. If you find several that may meet your needs, it's find to have profiles on multiple sites. Some experts advocate sticking with paid sites, but a free site might work for you. Take advantage of free trials. Don't choose a site whose main advertising point is how many marriages it's facilitated if you're not looking for a serious relationship. Choose a site that caters to married or polyamorous people if you're in an open relationship or seeking extramarital relationships.
  2. Build a strong profile. Your profile is the first  thing that potential dates see. A strong profile can be the difference between finding the right person and getting no responses at all. Take a look at successful profiles and copy their techniques. Include detailed, accurate  information. Providing only the basics doesn't give a good sense of who you are. Women tend to look at more than just your picture and your basic stats, so acting on this online dating tip will help you attract more matches.
  3. Include a picture. Profiles with pictures get more traffic. Include a recent, flattering picture.  Make sure it accurately reflects what you look like. While most women say looks don't matter, you do need a picture to help draw her in and set you apart.
  4. Read the profiles of potential matches. Don't just message someone because she's hot in her picture. You want to have things in common with a potential match, so read her profile before making first contact. Also read the profiles of anyone who contacts you! Some men tend to make first contact based on pictures only, and this can lead to a serious incompatibility issue.
  5. Choose your username carefully. Along with your picture, your username is one of the things that makes a first impression. Choose wisely. Being too esoteric ("TlkienElf) or suggestive ("SpankMaster4You") is likely to backfire. Choose a variant of your name. If the name you want is taken, don't force it–you'll end up with something like "Chris0909673".
  6. Keep an open mind. Unless there are dealbreakers in a potential match's profile, keep an open mind. One of the features of online dating that makes it great is the ability to chat or email for a while before meeting. Exchange some emails if someone you might otherwise not consider contacts you.
  7. Be specific and realistic. When describing your ideal match, be specific and realistic. Give a clear picture of the kind of person you'd like to date:  physical traits, personality traits, and values. At the same time, if you say, "I want to meet only blonde, bisexual supermodels" and you are unemployed, overweight, and living in your aunt's basement, you're not likely to have much luck.
  8. Be positive. Starting your profile with, "I'm not much to look at" or "I'm still recovering from my psycho ex" is not likely to get you many matches. Keep your tone light and positive. Negativity is a turnoff. Women look for confidence in a potential date.
  9. Keep it fun. Online dating can be fun. Go into it with the attitude that you will meet new people, go on a few dates, make new friends. Expecting every woman to be the love of your life puts too much pressure on you and your potential matches!
  10. Keep it safe.  Have your first meeting in a public place. This advice is often given to women, but men also need to play it safe when meeting up with a stranger. You'll also put your date at ease.



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