10 Packing Tips For A Beach Vacation

These 10 packing tips for a beach vacation will make your trip more enjoyable. Packing can be a nightmare if you do not know what to pack. If you are not prepared you can wind up with a lot of useless stuff. The art of packing for a beach vacation is not that difficult if you plan for it.

  1. Water. This is one of the most important packing tips for a beach vacation. It is very easy to become dehydrated at the beach. This is especially true for children whose smaller bodies can become dehydrated faster.
  2. Sunscreen. Sunscreen is one of the second most important packing tips for a beach vacation. Extended exposure to UV light over time can lead to skin cancer in later life. Slathering on plenty of sunscreen right when you get to the beach will help to keep you and your family safe.
  3. Sunglasses. Your eyes are just as susceptible to UV light as your skin and you need to protect your eyes.  Besides no beach vacation would be complete without sunglasses. Also, they make reading a book much easier. If you do not bring sunglasses, and you try to read, you could wind up with a bad headache.
  4. Books. Bringing books is one of the most fun of the packing tips for a beach vacation. The nice thing about books these days is there are electronic e-readers and e-books. You can bring dozens of books to read on your beach vacation simply by loading e-books onto your reader and packing it in your bag. No more chunky paperbacks if you do not want to bring them.
  5. Umbrellas. If your idea of relaxing at the beach includes a nap you will want to bring an umbrella. Those that do not follow this all important tip for packing tips for a beach vacation could wind up with a nasty sunburn. This is also especially important if you are bringing an infant because you will need to keep the sun off of him. An umbrella ensures no one ends up looking like a lobster because they fell asleep in the sun.
  6. Towels. Pack plenty of towels, both for drying off after swimming in the ocean, and for lying down on the beach. When it comes to packing tips for a beach vacation you will find that this tip really helps out. Sand in the shorts or bathing suit is not fun.
  7. Beach chairs. Even if you sit on a towel you can still get sand in places you would rather not. Because of this fact that is why this is an important tip out of the tips for packing for a beach vacation. Having beach chairs will make incidences of sand where you do not want it occur less often.
  8. Beach toys. Beach toys are not just for the kiddies. Even grown-ups can enjoy playing at the beach, so be sure and bring beach balls, frizbees, and the all important buckets and shovels for building sand castles.
  9. Food. Bringing food and snacks on your beach vacation is one way to save money. While you can purchase food at the beach, chances are it will be more expensive than if you bring your own. Pack up a cooler or two with plenty of the all important water, and other goodies so you and your brood will have plenty to drink and munch on. Do not forget chips, nuts and other non-perishables as well.
  10. Large beach bags. Finally, you will want to be sure and bring several large beach bags. This will make organizing all your stuff much easier than just piling it all in the car. And if you can train your family to put things back in the same bags when they are done, unpacking will be a snap too when your beach vacation is over.
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