10 Penis Pumping Tips

Looking for 10 penis pumping tips? A penis pump is a cylindrical device that goes over the shaft and creates suction similar to a vacuum cleaner. This device can help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or who want to create more girth. It is important to err on the side of caution when using penis pumps and always practice safety. Side effects from using a penis pump include numbness, bruising, bleeding under the surface of the skin and delayed ejaculation.

  1. Do not apply too much suction! Injuries can result from putting the device on full blast. Start out on a low setting and get your penis accustomed to the device. Eventually you can add more pressure, but only in small increments.
  2. Apply a liberal amount of lubrication. Sensual oil provides a good seal between your erectile organ and the penis pump.
  3. Start with the right size penis pump. Using a device that is too big can cause your penis to get sucked into the pump. This will result in a major injury so make sure you follow the size guidelines.
  4. Examine your penis to make sure there is no discoloration. If there is, discontinue use.
  5. Feel your penis to check if there is any pain. If pain is present you should turn the machine off immediately.
  6. Trim your pubic hair. This will keep it from causing openings in the seal of the pump.
  7. Ten minutes is all the time you need to use your penis pump. Injury can result if you use the device for too many minutes.
  8. Always clean your device properly. You do not want to get an infection from using an unsterilized penis pump!
  9. Do jelqing exercises after using your penis pump to keep the blood moving around your penis. Fluid buildup will be minimized as well.
  10. Enthusiastic pumping can lead to injuries. Always be gentle when using a penis pump!

Penis pumps cause more blood to flow into the penis, which is useful for men that want to increase their girth or who have erectile dysfunction. Always remember to be careful and follow these 10 penis pumping tips!


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