10 Peru Surf Tips

If you’re planning a South American surf trip, you’re going to want to check out Peru, and if you’re going to Peru, you’re going to want to check out these 10 Peru surf tips.

  1. Go Left. This is less a Peru surf tip and more a Peru surf fact. Peru is the land of lefts, goofy-footers paradise, and home to the longest left in the world. If you’re allergic to long left pointbreaks, skip Peru.
  2. Bring a wetsuit. Yes, Peru is close to the equator, yes it seems like a desert, and yes the air is hot. However, the water can get quite chilly, especially south of Lima. This Peru surf tip is about comfort. You’re going to want a good 3/2 fullsuit and possibly some booties for the rocks.
  3. Wear Sunscreen. It doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy, and it doesn’t matter that you’re in a fullsuit. You will get absolutely roasted if you don’t wear some sunblock. Ignore this Peru surf tip and you’ll regret it the rest of your trip. Slap on the SPF.
  4. Explore down South. The big-name left-points are all North of Lima, but there is some great surf down south. If you want bigger, more-powerful, waves you definitely need to check out southern Peru. Hey, you may even get to go right.
  5. Bring a Quiver. Peru can get some serious size, especially in the dead of winter. If you want to ride some of the gnarlier southern breaks, or even if you happen to catch the big points at size, you’re going to want some extra foam. Rounded-pintails are your friend.
  6. Surf Chicama. This is the reason you came, right? Chicama is the longest left in the world. This Peru surf tip is a no-brainer. If you get the chance to catch Chicama doing its thing, then you better go out and score some 400 yard lefts.
  7. Surf somewhere else. Chicama may be the premier attraction, but it’s not the only show in town. In fact, there are bigger heavier waves only a few miles away that are nearly as long and perfect.
  8. Northern Hemi Winter. Peru actually picks up big North Pacific swells. This means that Northern Peru is the place to go during the Northern hemisphere winter. The water is warmer up there, and you may even score the “Peruvian pipeline.” Plus, all the tourist girls go North to party.
  9. Bring some Imodium. This Peru surf tip is all about preparation. You will get sick. It’s not really a question of if but more like when. Do yourself and your friends a favor and pack some colon cloggers.
  10. Learn some Spanish. Some Peruvians speak English, but most don’t, so if you want to get around with ease, you should know at least a little bit of Spanish. Hey, it’s common courtesy to make an effort. Besides, knowing Spanish will really help your game with the chicas.     
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