10 Pick Up Lines That Offend Women

Want to know 10 pick up lines that offend women? Most men occasionally meet a woman who they find attractive, witty or outgoing. This could be at a bar, park or even at a party. Unfortunately, they might clam up and not know what to say to get her attention. Although it is best to just be yourself in such circumstances, read on to learn ten pick up lines that offend women, so that you don’t use them in the future.

  1. Drop em! or Take em off! If you want to get a drink thrown on you, use this line. If not, please note that this is a pick up line that offends women.
  2. Excuse me, I am about to go masturbate, and I need a name to go with the face. This pick up line will offend any women you use it on, so steer clear of this one.
  3. I’d love to be your bath water. Not only will this line offend women, it is just plain lame.
  4. You are absolutely gorgeous; do you cook and clean also? Women do not want to be seen as maids and servants, so do not offend women by using this line.
  5. You look just like my mother. Not only is this offensive, but it’s upsetting. Women do not want to look like your mother.
  6. You remind me of my dead ex-wife. Not only will a woman walk away after you use this line on her, she will probably run in the other direction. It’s offensive.
  7. I’m drunk. Unless she is drunk also, a woman doesn’t want to deal with a drunk man spewing offensive lines in her face all night. She will probably ignore you with this one.
  8. Are you busy tonight at 3:00 am? This line is very straight to the point, but it will also offend any women who know you only want to pick her up for sex.
  9. Somebody better call God, because he’s missing an angel! This line is cheesy, and almost every woman has heard it. This is a very well known line that women find annoying, and it may offend them.
  10. Hey! Somebody farted, let’s get out of here. This line is a no-no. This is the ultimate line that will offend women and get a drink thrown in your face.
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