10 Pickup Truck Camping Tips

These 10 pickup truck camping tips will give you plenty of ideas when it comes to your camping experience. Camping out of a pickup truck is plenty of fun with the right stuff! So without further ado, here are some pickup truck camping tips that will make your camping experience truly memorable!

  1. Blankets. The first tip for pickup camping is to bring plenty of blankets. Blankets not only keep you warm at night by the fire, but they’re great to lie on. If you don’t have plenty of blankets with you, you’ll definitely regret it!
  2. Truck top. Our next tip for pickup truck camping is to invest in a top for the back of your pickup. Not only do these tops give you added storage, but they also make a great sleeping area. Truck tops are easy to find used and cheap, serving multiple uses during your camping experience.
  3. Pillows. Like blankets, pillows are essential to pickup truck camping. They’re great to lie on, serve as a nice place to store valuables in while you’re camping, and are a great way weapon to use when you’re wrestling with your fellow campers!
  4. Zip-lock baggies. Another essential to pickup truck camping is bringing along zip-lock baggies. If you’re using your pickup truck for sleeping purposes, you’ll need a way to store your valuables in an environment that is both dry and accessible. Baggies are cheap and serve multiple purposes during camping.
  5. Flashlights. No matter where and when you’re camping, you’ll definitely need flashlights. While pickups may have the accessibility of tail lights, flash lights are easily accessible and work. Make sure to have a couple of these with you at all times for safety purposes in the dark.
  6. Cooler. Another essential to pickup truck camping is the classic cooler. The cooler can serve a multitude of purposes; from storing cold stuff such as meat, drinks, etc. to a convenient place to sit on when seating is hard to find. Coolers are a great tool for pickup camping that every great camper needs!
  7. Knife. Having a knife while camping out of your pickup truck is extremely handy. If you need to cut small twigs, a sharp knife is certainly a handy tool. Having a knife handy is a great idea also if you’re camping somewhere where the wildlife can be dangerous, ie: in areas where there’s food.
  8. First aid kit. A first aid kit is one of the most important, but overlooked tools for pickup truck camping. First aid kits can help to save someone’s life when you’re camping in an area that’s over an hour from the nearest medical facility. They also have handy tools in them too if you forget your knife.
  9. Tool kit. Another kit on our list is a tool kit. The tool kit is a great way to store all of your essential tools (knife, flashlight) while giving you the option to bring more stuff; such as lighter fluid, pliers, wrenches, etc.
  10. The grill. The final, and one of the most important tools for pickup truck camping, is the grill. Once you have the cooler and the food, you’ll need a way to cook everything up. Make sure to bring a small, portable grill with you with plenty of charcoal and lighter fluid. Without a grill, you may be stuck using a public grill!
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