10 Picnic Essentials

Picnic’s are a great way to spend a beautiful day with the ones you love; get it right with these 10 picnic essentials to make your picnic a breeze. By packing the essentials, you will be avble to create a picnic that will make a lasting impression!

  1. Blanket or tablecloth to sit and/or eat on.  Some of the best picnic spots don’t have tables, or a seating area.  Bringing your own blanket assures that you have a clean place to sit, or a clean table covering to eat off from.  
  2. Food and drink.  The most important of picnic essentials. Bring enough food for everyone to eat twice, there is nothing worse than being hungry when you are away from home and not near a store.  
  3. Cooler and ice.  Don't spoil your picnic with warm drinks or rotten food, keep everything on ice in the cooler for the safest and tastiest food.
  4. Paper plates, silverware, and napkins. We aren’t cavemen, so don’t eat like one.  Picnic essentials require a few comforts and proper eating utensils is not one to forget.  
  5. Wet naps or moist towelettes. Nothing worse than trying to kiss and cuddle your loved one with a messy mouth and fingers, yuck!  Make this picnic essential portable by purchasing packaged towelettes to go.  Don't have the time to get to the store?  Bring a damp kitchen towel, it works just the same.
  6. Insect Repellent. Eating outside means bugs, and bugs mean bites, and bites mean itch, and, okay, you get where I'm going with this one.  Just don't forget to bring insect repellent on your picnic, you know you'll need it, so pack it.
  7. Sunscreen.  A picnic essential we tend to forget. Even if the day is cloudy you never know when the sun will decide to come out and play.  Don't be left without protection, bring sunscreen to prevent a nasty sunburn.  
  8. Tarp or Shade Umbrella.  Again, an important picnic essential if your picnic spot is open to the elements like sun and rain.  A cheap tarp works best, it's easy to assemble and provides the best protection.  
  9. Music. The only entertaining picnic essential on my list.  Music sets the mood for a picnic. Whether you are looking for family fun or a romantic time with your partner, music provides just the right amount of ambiance.  Bring a battery operated radio, or your iPod, but try to keep away from your cell phone to avoid distractions from the quality time picnics can provide for you and your family. 
  10. Trash bags.  Make clean up easy by bringing several trash bags to your picnic.  You'll need enough bags to cover all bases:  food trash, recyclable items, and one for dirty food containers that need washing.
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