10 Ping Pong Tips

Here are 10 ping pong tips that will help enjoy the game more and become better at it. Ping pong is fun, but everyone likes to win once in a while. Follow these ping pong tips and you should win your fair share of games.

  1. Keep your table clean. A dirty ping pong table has debris that can cause the ball to skip off unexpectedly and spots caused by spills or other materials that can grab the ball. Clean your table at least once a week with soap, water and a towel.
  2. Choose the right paddle. A good ping pong paddle has both sides completely covered by rubber. The rubber gives you more control over your shot. Always choose a paddle that is covered on both sides.
  3. Take it easy. Unless you are an accomplished professional, trying to hit a ping pong ball as hard as you can will result in you losing the game. Take it easy and strike the ball with control to get points.
  4. Change it up. It helps to remember that ping pong shot decisions need to be made quickly. Hit the ball to opposite sides of the table and with varying degrees of force to change up where the ball lands and confuse your opponent.
  5. Practice your spin. Spin in ping pong is accomplished by the act of quickly dragging the paddle across the ball to create a spinning motion. There are many different ways to spin a ping pong ball. Spend some time practicing how to spin a ball to become effective at it. Start off slowly and get used to how the motion of the paddle affects the flight of the ball, and then speed things up as you get better at them.
  6. Time for a new ball. Ping pong balls are not expensive, so try to use a new ball every three games. After a few games, a ping pong ball loses its bounce and is not as easy to control. Change the ball every three games to maintain the control you are looking for.
  7. Practice trick shots. Ping pong is a game where you can become good at things that seem difficult by just practicing them. You can spend time practicing the act of landing the ball on the outside of the white out of bounds marker to score points your opponent can do nothing about. Unlike golf or baseball, you can become very adept and getting a ping pong ball to do what you want it to do with some practice.
  8. Keep your eye on the ball. It may be effective to try and stare down your opponent in other competitions, but in ping pong you should never take your eye off the ball. Take the time to size up the ball completely before striking it, and never swing so hard that you close your eyes.
  9. Use a finger for support. If you are having a difficult time using your paddle, try extending your pointer finger as support for your paddle. The concept is the same as pulling your pointer finger out of a baseball glove to reduce the impact of the ball in the glove. Extend your pointer finger so that it rests against the back of the paddle and see if that helps your control.
  10. Making contact snaps losing streaks. Sometimes, the easiest way to get back in the groove in ping pong is to just make contact with the ball. Outlasting your opponent in a volley can do wonders for your confidence when playing ping pong.
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