10 Places To Have Sex Before You Die

Although most people have sex in their bedrooms, a poll showed that a majority of people are willing to try having sex in unique places – which is why you should know the 10 places to have sex before you die. Having sex in different places will definitely spice up your love life, and more than anything, will give you lifetime memories that you can cherish.

Popularized by many movies, having sex in a car is an experience in itself. Of course, you should make yourself as comfortable as possible, as the biggest hindrance will be the lack of space. Also, remember to choose a place that is fairly private – unless you want to receive a hefty fine.

In Public
Though this may seem generic, a majority of people have never had sex in public. Of course, this doesn't mean dropping your pants in front of scores of people and shagging your significant other – far from it. This just means having a 'quckie' behind your parked car, or in the bushes at the park.

Having sex on a beach is an all-time classic, and is one place everyone should have sex before they die. Yes, sand will be everywhere – and you might even get splashed with a wave or two, but it will still form a memory that you can keep with you forever. Location is key! Make sure you choose a nice secluded area of the beach.

Mount Everest
Climbing mount everest, the tallest peak in the world, is an achievement in itself. Imagine how much better it would be if you had sex with your significant other while you're at it. Of course, any sex atop mount everest will have to take place in a special tent that prevents you from freezing to death of hypothermia halfway through – but it will still make a great story to tell your friends at the bar.

Sex on a yacht is an experience in itself. It is smoother than a regular old boat, but gets as much sun. Of course, privacy is minimum – so if you're planning on having sex on deck, you'll probably have a host of admirers. Also, yachts tend to travel close to the shore, which is usually filled with a host of guys with binoculars. Keep that in mind.

Public Restroom
Tacky, yes. However, having sex in a public restroom adds a level of eroticism and danger that cannot really be achieved anywhere else. Theres the danger of being caught, which makes the romp all the more sultry. Just remember to wipe down any surfaces you use with paper towels before you begin. 

Golf Course
Another great place to have sex! One of the advantages of having sex in a golf course is the fact that there are acres and acres of lawns, with barely a soul in sight – so you can have sex openly without really worrying about being caught.

On a Plane
Very few people have admitted to having sex on a plane, but those that did claim that it was the most erotic thing they've ever done. Of course, unless you have a red-eye flight with very few people aboard, you won't be able to have sex in your seats. Visit the lavatory! Yes, it will be cramped. But it'll be an achievement, which in itself is priceless.

Sex and drugs are two images that come into almost every persons mind when thinking about Amsterdam. Everyone must visit Amsterdam and it's sex shops at least once in their lives. Just remember to take protection – and not to take any risks.

At an African Safari
So you're in Africa, and you're surrounded by exotic animals. What better place to have sex is there? When night rolls in, you'll have the cool african air and a tent to keep you company – so have sex in Africa!

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