10 Places to Surf Before You Die

Every surfer dreams of finding the planets best waves, and the following list of  ten places to surf before you die should narrow it down a bit. Global travel is a part of surfing. Check this list and go explore.

  1. Jeffreys Bay.  If one surf spot is synonymous with perfection it is most certainly Jeffreys Bay. This tiny South African town is home to seven right point breaks that, on the right swell, will connect  making J Bay one of the longest and most perfect right points in the world. The main show is a section of reef called “Super Tubes,” which is a 300-yard freight training barrel section. J Bay is one of the fastest make-able waves in the world. Plus it’s in Africa! Just watch out for the sharks.
  2. Oahu’s North Shore.  The North Shore of Hawaii’s Oahu is surfing’s Mecca. Known as the “Seven Mile Miracle,” no other stretch of beach boasts as many world-class spots in such a small concentration as the North Shore. Of course, the North Shore is home to Pipeline, which is arguably the most perfect barreling wave on the planet. Known as the ultimate proving grounds, the waves here can be deadly, so come prepared unless you want Hawaii to be the last place you surf before you die.
  3. The Mentawais. If Disneyland ever conceived a surfing park, it would look something like the Mentawais. Situated off Indonesia’s Sumatra Island, this tiny archipelago offers more perfect reef-breaks than you can shake a 6’6” pintail at. Since the waves are only accessible by boat, and there are waves everywhere, the chance of you scoring barrels with only your buddies is the reason boatloads of frothing surfers return year after year.
  4. Malibu. Yes, Malibu may be one of the most crowded surf spots in the world, but the shear amount of history makes it worthwhile. Plus, on the right south swell it’s still a darn good wave. For history alone, Malibu is definitely one of the places to surf before you die.
  5. Hossenger. Barrels and bronzed bosoms. Hossenger is one of the best beach breaks in the world, and the local French maidens don’t leave much to the imagination. For a surf trip with a bit of high-culture, France’s Hossenger Beach is definitely one of the places to surf before you die.
  6. Chicama. Peru is to left points what South Africa’s Eastern Cape is to right points. At 2.2 km, Chicama is the longest left in the world, so if you’re goofy-footed this point should be near the top of the places to surf before you die list. The whole region is full of left points, plus nearby Pecasamayo packs a bit more punch and is rumored to be longer on the right day.
  7. Gold Coast, Queensland. This stretch of Australian beach boasts another incredible collection of world-class surf spots within a small geographical area. The Gold Coast has Kirra, D-Bah, Snapper Rocks, Burleigh Heads, and Superbank all within driving distance. Although the infamous crowds may get you down, the equally infamous Australian party culture will lift you right back up.
  8. G-Land. Its proper name is the Bay of Grajagan and it is yet another perfect Indonesian reef. G-land has been called a left-hand version of J Bay, which cements G-land on the places to surf before you die list of every goofy-footer.
  9. Mainland Mexico. The dusty roads of Mainland Mexico are a right of passage for any American surfer. From the bone-crushing barrels of Puerto Escondido and Pascuales to the scores of uncrowded perfect points, Mainland Mex is a close to home adventure that should not be missed.
  10. Your Home break. Your first home break, the place where you caught your first wave is obviously already on the list, but just because it was the first place does not mean it can’t be one of the last places to surf before you die. Even if you moved far away, and even if the place was a mushy closeout, do yourself a favor and catch one more where it all began.

Source: surfline.com


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