10 Players With the Best Hair in the NBA

The ten players with the best hair in the NBA is a who's who of colorful and sometimes bizarre personalities that created a visual extension of themselves for the world to see on television through their hair. The sport of basketball has had many interesting manes and today, they are honored here.

  1. Dennis Rodman. When talking about the players with the best hair in the NBA no one else comes to mind more than Rodzilla. Rodman was also known to have intriguing hairstyles and colors to go with his colorful and unique personality. The spectrum of colors that have engulfed his head throughout his career was limitless, he once inscribed Sesame Street alumni Bert in his hair.

  2. Ron Artest. This bad boy of the NBA is as known for his fighting as much as he is for his hair. Artest's walking advertisement cut was famous back in the 1980's and he revived it recently (TRU WARIER) with great response from fans. His attention grabbing persona goes hand in hand with his attention grabbing hairstyle.

  3. Ben Wallace. In the 1970's the afro was the most popular hairstyle for anyone who was cool. Ben Wallace has not only rejuvenated the style, he has perfected it. His fro defies gravity as it stands high above his head in a kingly manner. Others may have regular sized afros in the NBA, but Wallace owns the afro.

  4. Chris Bosh. We have seen his hair grow from neatly tightened curls in 2003 to a full on head of great looking dreadlocks in 2010. Bosh's achievements on and off the court are honorary and he should be proud of himself for being an upstanding citizen and also for having great hair.

  5. Louis Amundson. Phoenix Suns giant Power Forward/Center has a flowing mane of golden locks that would make even Samson envious. Amundson would be the first to tell you that he is one of ten players with the best hair in the NBA.

  6. Joakim Noah. Chicago Bulls drafted Noah on June 28, 2007 as a power forward/Center, and his hair was drafted soon thereafter. Known his huge mane that surrounds his entire head, Noah keeps it under control with various headbands and ties. He doesn't just get a spot as one of ten players with the best hair in the NBA, he also has one of the biggest hairstyles to compete on the hardwood courts of the NBA.

  7. Robert Swift. Swift started out in 2004 as a regular looking, fresh faced kid that was drafted 12th by the Seattle Super Sonics. He has morphed and changed hairstyles over the years from a buzz cut to ponytail to medium length red curls, all in only a few years. The flash of red hair makes Swift stand out in the crowd of ten on the floor, but he is included in a crowd of ten players with the best hair in the NBA.

  8. Lamar Odom. This Los Angeles Laker Power Forward has turned his goals into a hair statement. He stated that he would get small stars cut out from his hair for playing strong in his subsequent NBA games. Odom's unique idea earns him a spot as one of the players with the best hair in the NBA.

  9. Allen Iverson. The superstar point guard is known for his success and turmoil throughout his career, but he is also known for his zig zaggity hairstyle that has been copied for the last few years by opponents and teammates alike. The bonus to his style is that when he lets his hair down, he has a old school afro to show off. Iverson gets the nod as one of the top ten players with the best hair in the NBA due to the fact that you cannot beat two hair styles on one head.

  10. Michael Jordan. This last spot goes to a man who not only rocked the courts and became legends, but also rocked the anti-haircut haircut, the bald head. Not only was Jordan a hero to many aspiring players, he was also inspiring to bald men across the world, and for that he gets a position in the top ten players with the best hair in NBA history.

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