10 Power Hour Drinking Game Songs

Listed below are 10 power hour drinking game songs. Power hour is a game in which everyone drinks every minute for an hour, so, in all, 60 sips of beer are consumed by each person playing. When playing the game, however, you absolutely need some tunes. The following are ten power hour drinking game songs that will liven up any social event in which people are playing this game.

  1. "In Da Club," 50 Cent: This is a great song to get everyone started. It has a definite hip hop sound, and it is great for getting all power hour contestants ready to start the drinking game.
  2. "Tipsy," J-Kwon: This is another great hip hop song for the game. It tells it like it is, at least, as far as the drinking game is concerned.
  3. "Friends in Low Places," Garth Brooks: This is another very lively, and even a somewhat comical song. It is great when played after everyone has begun the game and has already downed a couple beers.
  4. "Single Ladies," Beyonce: This is another great party song. If your looking for something to do as you drink, you might as well get up and dance a little. This is a great song for those playing the game in crowded atmospheres.
  5. "Two Pina Coladas," Garth Brooks: Another party song by Garth Brooks, this one is perfect for summer. Be sure to play it at some point during your power hour.
  6. "Livin' on a Prayer," Bon Jovi: This one is perfect for occupying the middle part of the 60 minutes of drinking. The chorus line says it all.
  7. "Sweet Home Alabama," Lynyrd Skynyrd: This one needs to be on the top ten power hour drinking game songs list. It is perfect for any type of festive atmosphere.
  8. "Louisiana Saturday Night," Alabama: This is a country sounding song by a Southern country rock group. It is perfect for young people trying to have a great time playing power hour.
  9. "H to the Izzo," Jay-Z: Another festive hip hop song, this one is great when played later as people are starting to feel their drinks.
  10. "My Maria," Brooks and Dunn: A unique-sounding country song, this is another great one to play later in the power hour. It is great for when people just want to sit back.

The above tunes are ten power hour drinking game songs that will keep everyone satisfied as their time progresses. Be sure to keep a playlist on so that no silences break up the game.

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