10 Prettiest Asian Filipinos

The 10 prettiest Asian Filipinos are very well known in their country. With a multicultural heritage, these women vary in looks and features. They are not only among the prettiest in their native land but are also considered by many as being some of the most beautiful in the world.

  1. Sharon Cuneta. A virtual icon in the Philippine entertainment industry, the “Megastar” or simply “Mega” as she is fondly called, has garnered major awards and accolades as an actress, singer and talk show host. Although well into her 40s and not as slim as she used to be, her pretty face still stacks up well against younger celebrities.

  2. Regine Velasquez. “Asia's Songbird” is not only one of the best vocalists in the region, she also ranks among the prettiest Asian women. Much to the displeasure of hoards of single Filipinos, the lovely singer recently announced her engagement to a local celebrity.

  3. Christine Hermosa. With her proverbial girl-next-door looks, Christine Hermosa has no difficulty getting roles in television and movies. Her legions of fans flock to her not only because of her acting prowess but also because of her laid back and easy going personality. With her marriage annulled early 2009, she claims she is in no rush to start another relationship. Gossip columnists, however, frequently link her with quite a few eligible men.

  4. Nikki Gil. Her local Coca-Cola television commercial gave her the break she needed as she crooned her way to success. This pretty 23 year old now dabbles in a little bit of acting but she claims that singing is still her first love.

  5. Gloria Diaz. A Miss Universe titlist in 1969, the former beauty queen is still as beautiful as ever. Age has not slowed her down either as she still regularly appears on television.

  6. Iya Villania. She grew up in Australia but made a name for herself in the Philippines. She now ranks among the top up-and-coming movie actresses, but Filipinos still fondly remember her as a televison game show host with a killer smile and a wicked laugh.

  7. KC Conception. Having a handsome movie star father and the “Megastar” as her mother sure does help as genetics sure does play a part. Still, she is beautiful no matter who her parents are and a good number of Filipinos consider her as one of the prettiest Asian women.

  8. Katrina Halili. She recently hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. A sex video with another prominent local celebrity leaked and spread like wildfire. After the incident, many Filipinos now say with certainty that she not only has a beautiful face but also an immaculate body.

  9. Maxine Magalona. Filipinos know her as the daughter of the late Francis Magalona. Her father, who was an award winning rapper and a host of a popular noon-time show, may have been more famous but given time with her looks and talent, her star may shine even brighter.

  10. Marian Rivera. Even after taking on the role of “Darna,” a Filipino version of Wonder Woman, her stock just skyrocketed. Her looks are so captivating that even non-Filipinos say that she is one of the prettiest Asian women.

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