10 Pro Bowling Tips

Ten pro bowling tips aren't difficult to do, but the technique tips do need to be practiced. Frequent practice in bowling makes techniques become habits, things that are done without thinking.  Professional bowling tips aren't hard, but do need to be done each time you move up to the line to bowl. Once you've made a mental note to do this list, take time to ask friends and associates what they think of your bowling style. 

  1. Buy your own bowling equipment. Proper equipment is important to a successful bowling game. Buying your own equipment can be a major investment, especially for professional bowling, but spending the money is necessary to really show your best stuff in the alleys. 
  2. Make sure the ball fits your fingers. The holes in bowling balls must fit your fingers and be tight enough to hold the ball on the fingers while throwing the ball. The finger holes must not be too loose so that the ball falls to the floor or your fingers wear out holding the ball while winding up to gently glide the ball down the alley. 
  3. Buy a ball that's the correct weight. The weight of the ball is critical to good play. The weight of the ball is up to personal choice, but it's based on the height, weight and strength of the bowler. Keep in mind that your strength will build up as you play, so don't underestimate your strength. 
  4. Wear comfortable clothing. Loose, comfortable-fitting clothing is a pro bowling tip that is easy to do. The sleeves and pant legs should allow movement and the shirt torso and top of the pants should be tight enough to stay put, but also be loose enough to be comfortable. 
  5. Care for your equipment. Keep your equipment well aired and dry after you've been bowling. Remove any alley dirt from the ball and clean your shoes after a day of bowling. Clean equipment operates well, while dirt and grime influence the way the ball rolls and your shoes slide on the alley wood.
  6. Warm up before bowling. Stretch your entire body before bowling. Professional bowlers recommend a full body stretch because bowling uses all of the muscles in the body, not just your arms, shoulders or legs. 
  7. Wear shoes that fit. Shoes that are too loose or too tight don't allow you to put on your best game. Try on shoes with the socks you'll wear before selecting a pair. Pick shoes for comfort first, then go for trendy designs or colors. 
  8. Pick up and hold the ball with two hands. When you pull the ball out of the bag and shift the ball from the ball return to your hands, always use two hands. One hand makes the weight unbalanced and can strain muscles in the arms and shoulders. 
  9. Dry your bowling hand. Sticky fingers interfere with good bowling style. Bowling lanes have dryers at the end of the ball return to dry your hands. Some professional bowlers use powder or a special drying towel to make sure the hands are totally dry before picking up the ball to send it down the alley. 
  10. Make sure the bottoms of your shoes are clean and can easily slide moving up to the alley line. Check your shoes before you put them on at the alley and again at the end of your game. Look at the alley to avoid any dirt or trash that may stick on your shoes. Your front shoe should glide a little as you bowl and dirt interrupts your slide. 


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