10 Puerto Rico Surfing Tips

If you’re planning on taking a surf trip to the Isla del encanto in the near future, then you should probably check out these 10 Puerto Rico surfing trips. Puerto Rico is an amazing place to surf, and it can be challenging for both beginners and experts alike. Still it is always good to have a little knowledge before you head somewhere new. These Puerto Rico surfing tips should set you on the right path.

  1. Know when to go: Puerto Rico is primarily a winter surf destination. This is great for east coast surfers because Puerto Rico’s warm water and tropical climate provides a much needed respite from winter’s icy grip. Although it is possible to surf year round in Puerto Rico, winter is best for size and consistency. If you go to Rincon, you must go in the winter months.
  2. Bring several boards: This Puerto Rico surfing tip is mostly aimed towards more advanced surfers. PR can get big, so if you want to surf some juice, it might be worth bringing a step up. It gets small too, so a fish could round out your travel quiver.
  3. Rent a car: Unless you’re staying on the beach in Rincon or Jobos you will need a car. Truthfully, you’ll want one either way because a car allows you to explore new spots and travel to the best conditions. Four-wheel drive vehicles are preferred.
  4. Wear sunscreen: This Puerto Rico surfing tip seems obvious but the amount of crispy-red gringos suggests otherwise. Slap on some SPF. You’re in the tropics brah.
  5. Underpack: This Puerto Rico surfing tip is relevant for any tropical surf trip. You don’t need that much. Two pairs of boardies, some t-shirts, a sweatshirt, and one pair of decent bar-clothes are all you really need. Use the extra space for stuff like sunscreen, wax, and other surf accessories.
  6. Learn some Spanish: You don’t need to know any Spanish to get by, especially in Rincon, but it helps. This Puerto Rico surfing tip is all about courtesy. Respect the local culture. Who knows, if you venture off the beaten path you might really need that Spanish dictionary. Plus, it helps with the college girls in Augadilla and Mayaguez.
  7. Find the waterfall: Unless you go during peak season, you can expect one small day during a long trip. Use this down time and get a local to take you to the waterfall.  There’s cool scenery and a spot to cliff-dive.
  8. Respect the locals: Again, this Puerto Rico surfing tip is applicable to every surf trip. You’ve got to give respect to earn respect. Even if you rip, you should always be a courteous traveler. Puerto Ricans are generally friendly, but if you piss off the wrong local crew … watch out.
  9. Eat Pinchos: Although mystery meat on a stick probably doesn’t seem to appetizing, do yourself a favor and give it a shot. Your taste-buds will thank us for this Puerto Rico surf tip. You’ll find ‘em on the side of the road. Ask for the pollo, not the perro.
  10. Fly into Aguadilla: Although the late night adventure in San Juan can be a good time, if you want a hassle free surf trip, fly into Aguadilla. This Puerto Rico surfing tip typically ensures minimal stress. Besides, you can be in the water within an hour of landing.     
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