10 Punk Bedroom Ideas

An authentic punk room deserves a lot of unique decor, so take a look at these 10 punk bedroom ideas, to rock out any bedroom.

  1. Graffiti Wall Murals Any punk room must have graffiti on the walls. If spray painting the walls seems a bit too permanent, look for removable graffiti wall stickers. 
  2. A Decorative Skull A faux skull lends a genuine gothic punk atmosphere to a room. Skulls can be found in all colors, a few even glow in the dark.
  3. Posters Large framed posters can make a big impact on a wall. The posters should be of favorite punk rock bands.
  4. A British Flag A real punk room must have a large Union Jack as its focal point.
  5. A solid, dark colored bedspread When doing a lot of over-the-top decorating in a room, it is often a good idea to go with a solid bedspread or comforter. A comforter with too much pattern may compete with the walls.
  6. Crazy lights Multiple strands of rope lights will make any room rock, when the lights are out. A stoplight would be a great punk addition to a wall or end table.
  7. Old Guitars Check out thrift stores and yard sales for old guitars. These guitars can be placed around a room or hung on the wall or ceiling.
  8. Disco Ball Nothing screams music as much as a disco ball. Hang the disco ball from the ceiling for a punky night time effect.
  9. Accent pillows decorated with large safety pins This is an easy do it yourself project. Take a few throw pillows in the rooms accent color. Find large safety pins, and haphazardly pin the pins all over the pillow. It will look great, but will be mainly for decoration (i.e. not to lay your head on).
  10. Chalkboard paint Chalkboard paint is available in both green and black. Someone looking to punk out a room could paint one wall, or just a large area of a wall. This will be a place to write quotes, practice graffiti or add some song lyrics to the wall.

The best thing about decorating a room is that there is no right or wrong way to do it.  The best punk room will be a combination of crazy colors, graffiti and gothic decorations.

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