10 Quail Hunting Tips

There are 10 quail hunting tips any quail hunter should know. Knowing these essential quail hunting tips give you a better chance of having a successful hunting trip. Hunting quail is not that hard as long as you keep a few tips in mind. Below are 10 quail hunting tips that will make your hunt a lot easier.

  1. Look for quail in open land. Open fields have different types of vegetation and weeds that quail feed on. It's best to look for them in these areas.
  2. Use a shotgun when quail hunting. A shotgun with a 410 to 12 gauge is best and most commonly used when hunting quail. These type of shotguns shoot out a lot of power and have great barrel length.
  3. Bring a dog on your hunt. Dogs are usually used when quail hunting due to how easily they can detect a quail. Bringing more than one dog will make it a lot easier to hunt quail successfully.
  4. Never shoot a low flying quail. Shooting at a low flying quail could cause you to lower your muzzle below a horizontal plane with the ground. Doing this could end up taking the life of one of your dogs due to the muzzle being to low.
  5. Hunt for Quail in late season. The best time to hunt quail isn't in the early season when the birds are dumb and vulnerable to more hunters. Hunting late season gives you the ability to get more quail because most hunters believe that the conveys are all shot out by then.
  6. Stay as quiet as you can be. Quail rely on their hearing to detect danger. They will travel hundreds of yards away to escape , resulting in you having a more complicated hunt.
  7. Walk into the wind. Walking into the wind will give the quail a lesser chance of hearing you and makes it easier for dogs to pick up the scent. It also helps the dogs to hear running quail.
  8. Know their routines. Quail usually fly out of grass fields about 2 hours after the sun rises and then return in the late morning. Spend some time watching quail to get a better idea of their daily routines.
  9. Look for fresh tracks. Always look for fresh signs of quail tracks to tell if they are in the area. Old tracks or no tracks probably mean there are no quail around.
  10. Be familiar with the hunting area before you hunt. Knowing more about your hunting area will give you better knowledge of the best spots to find large amounts of quail. It's always best to hunt in familiar areas first.
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