10 Questions To Ask Women On A First Date

Want to know 10 questions to ask a woman on a first date without sounding to nosy? Take a look below at the list of questions that have been compiled to solve this problem of not knowing what to ask on your first date.

  1. "What do you like to do for fun?" This is important to ask in case a second date arises. This question makes you prepared as to what you two can do the next time you are out. 
  2. "What kind of food do you prefer?" Asking this question allows you to get much needed information that will benefit you on your next date. 
  3. "What is your favorite restaurant?" Again, this allows you to be one step ahead of the game if you two go out again. Women love to be surprised when a man takes them to their favorite restaurant. 
  4. "Do you prefer to be friends with men or women?" This will give you a feel as to what kind of people she prefers to be around. If she chooses men, it's more likely that she will get along with you more than if she chose women. 
  5. "What do you do for work?" This is one of the most common questions to ask while out on a first date. This question can lead to other questions to ask.
  6. "Do you enjoy the work you do?" Boring as it may sound, this question can lead to full blown conversations. You will be able to see if she has brains or if she's just an airhead wanting company. 
  7. "Are you looking for a short-term relationship or something more serious?" Be humorous when asking this specific question by adding a little laugh at the end. Otherwise, some women might think you're just out to get into their pants. 
  8. "Do you like sports?" Most men are sports freaks and if the woman you are dating is one as well, the better for you when Monday night football comes into play.
  9. "Do you have any children?" Many men prefer the women they are dating not to have any children. However, some men could care less. It's better to get that all out in the open, especially if you feel you would like to date her more than once. 
  10. "What's the most annoying thing a man has done on a first date?" The perfect question to get that inch you are looking for. Ask this question in a humorous manner to get the answer you are looking for, then take notes. More often than not, the woman will give more than one example. 

There you have it, men: ten questions to ask a woman on a first date. Mix them around or go down the line. Either way, all of these questions should be asked at one point or another while you are on your first date. 

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