10 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Relationship

 If you're part of a couple, and you're unsure where you're headed, take a minute read these 10 questions to ask yourself about your relationship. Maybe you're wondering if it's time to cut and run, or maybe you're thinking it's time to take things to the next level. These questions can help you figure out where you stand.

  1. Is my relationship improving? As your relationship deepens, it should be getting easier, more intimate and more rewarding. This is not to say that it will always be easy, but as a relationship matures, it should grow and improve.
  2. Do we have a mutual relationship? A healthy relationship is not one-sided; do you and your partner give and take?
  3. Can we resolve conflict effectively? While there are bound to be fights and conflict in any relationship, can you and your partner work it out together?
  4. Does my partner make me a priority? Every person wants to be number one to someone. Does your partner make time for you and make you feel special? Do you do the same for your partner?
  5. Do we want the same things? If you're trying to determine whether or not your relationship should go to the next level, talk to your partner about what you both want for the future. Kids? Dogs? A house in the country or a loft in Manhattan?
  6. Why do I want to be in this relationship? Take some time to examine your reasons for being with your partner. Are you afraid of being alone? Are you trying to get over an ex? Try to identify if there are any unhealthy reasons you might be sticking around.
  7. Do my friends and family support the relationship? Your friends and family know you better than anyone else in the world. How do they feel about your relationship? This is not to say that you should always take advice from friends and family, but at least take a moment to consider their thoughts.
  8. Do we enjoy spending time together? Do you enjoy being with your partner, or would you rather be hanging out with your friends? Do you have any common interests or hobbies?
  9. Do we treat each other with respect? The foundation of any healthy relationship is a mutual respect for one another.
  10. Do we share the same values? Your values, in part, make you who you are. Do you and your partner care about the same things?


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