10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Break Up

You think it's over, but here are ten questions you need to ask yourself before you break up. Ending a relationship is never an enjoyable experience. So much time, effort and so many emotions and feelings have been invested. You've given so much of yourself trying to foster the growth of a union with someone you cared a lot about. So, there's a some things you need to ask yourself before you pull the trigger. You owe it to her, and you owe it to yourself to attempt to fix things if you're not ready to go.

  1. Did petty arguments lead to your decision? If a slew of minor conflicts are the root of the impending break up, ask yourself if there's anyway you can improve the situation before calling it quits. Most minor relationship issues stem from one or both partners refusing to compromise. Dedication to compromising with your girl will salvage the relationship.
  2. Did her friends push you away? It is not uncommon for a woman's friends to mettle in your business, especially if those friends are unhappily single. Ask yourself if these chicks are the main reason you're breaking up. Talk to your girl and make sure she knows that you feel that they are pulling you apart. Give her the chance to fix the situation before you break up.
  3. Are your friends pulling you away? Ask yourself if your buddies went out of their way to let you know that they don't like your love interest and think you should break up. Friends are only trying to help, but you shouldn't let their perception of your woman control your decision. If you guys work well for you and her, it doesn't matter what your friends think.
  4. Are her parents or other family the issue? Once again, people that care about her can have the tendency to over step their boundaries. It's up to her to be your ambassador to her family. Dealing with family can be a tough hurdle to to get over, but don't let their love for her make you forget how much you love her. As long as you're not a jerk, you should be able to win them over eventually and avoid breaking up.
  5. Ask yourself if your family is the issue. It doesn't matter if it's your family or hers doing the interfering. It needs to stop. Don't let others influence what you feel about her period.
  6. Is insecurity causing you to doubt the relationship? Do you feel you're lacking something? Do you feel that she can do better than you? Be thankful you've got a girl that loves you. More importantly, you need to realize your self worth. Insecurities are simply nonsense.
  7. Has the relationship simply lost it's spark? If this is the case, then you need to ask yourself how to jump start your love again. You two have to keep it brand new. Getting settled and overly comfortable is the easiest way for a relationship to go stale.
  8. Are you really growing apart? Do her interests and goals in life conflict with your own? Ask yourself if there's a way to hold on to her without hampering her personal growth and vice versa. Can you guys continue to support each other while improving yourselves?
  9. Is it a trust issue? A lack of trust is is the easiest way for a relationship to go stale, and the hardest issue to get over. More couples have crashed and burned because of trust than anything else. It's like a potent venom that spreads until there's no control. Ask yourself if your relationship is worth going through the toils of repairing the trust.
  10. Is it another girl? Are you contemplating leaving your relationship because of some new girl? New always seems better than old because of the mystery behind it. The problem is, you never know what you're going to get. If you love the woman you're with, and you can see a future with her, then leave new alone. It'll probably be more trouble than you need.
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