10 Questions Christian Women Ask About Sex

Though sexual activity and desire is natural, people of different religions approach it uniquely and there are 10 questions Christian women ask about sex. If you are dating an observant Christian, it is important to be aware of these and know how to respond.

  1. Can we wait? One of the tenets of Christianity is that sex outside of marriage is a sin and should be avoided, so don’t be surprised if you get this common question Christian women ask about sex. Keep in mind that pressuring her is going to ruin the relationship and shows disrespect for her beliefs. If you can’t wait and don’t intend to marry the girl, you should move on.
  2. Are we going to get married? Along the lines as above, your religious might be willing to have sex, but only if she knows that you are ultimately going to be “the one.” She might be more willing to do it if she knows you’ll be the only person with whom she ever does it. Don’t be surprised if you hear this common question Christian women ask about sex.
  3. Do you love me? If your girlfriend really wants to follow through with things and knows you two probably aren’t going to get married, she will at least want to feel as though your sexual activity has meaning beyond just a cheap physical thrill. One of the this common questions Christian women ask about sex is an attempt to determine the depth of your relationship.
  4. Will it hurt? There’s a good chance your girlfriend is a virgin, if she has to this point forgone sexual activity. If that’s the case, be prepared to answer some basic sex ed 101 questions about the nuts and bolts of the activity.
  5. Am I doing it right? Again, this question has to do with a lack of knowledge and experience, and during the deed your partner might be insecure about what she’s doing or if she’s pleasing you.  You should be reassuring and instruct where needed.
  6. Can we use birth control? This is a common question Christian women ask about sex because they are often very pro-life. Should your girlfriend get pregnant she is not going to want to have an abortion and will likely carry the baby to term. While some women may be lax with birth control because they know they have abortion as a fall-back, this is generally not the case with a Christian.
  7. How many women have you been with? Again along the lines of determining the meaningfulness of her sexual experience with you, this is a this common question Christian women ask about sex. If you’ve been sleeping around like a male whore or have had a string of one-night stands, this girl is going to be less likely to sleep with you. If she thinks it’s as unique for you as it is her, the chances are higher that it will happen.  
  8. Can we keep do everything but? Your girlfriend might get really turned on by you but still want to maintain her virginity. Therefore, in a compromise, you might hear this common question Christian women ask about sex. Your girlfriend might be willing to give you a hand job or engage in intense dry humping or even oral sex, just so long as her virginity stays in tact.
  9. Can we not do it so often? Your Christian girlfriend might have given in to desire and started a sexual relationship with you, but it may be making her feel guilty. You therefore might hear this common question Christian women ask about sex. Doing it night after night might bother her come Sunday morning, but if she can limit herself and show at least some restraint, it may make her feel better.
  10. What’s left after marriage? An important thing to a Christian woman is to have something special and unique about the physical relationship after the marriage is official. She may ask you what will be left to be special. If you want to sleep with her, you better have an answer waiting…and for your sake, it probably shouldn’t have to do with backdoor love.
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