10 Questions Men Should Ask Their Women

To get to know your better half on a serious level, it is wise to know ten questions men should ask their women. You do not need to interrogate her by putting her on a spotlight, but some things are considered important when it comes to knowing where each person stands in their relationship. 

  1. Do you want marriage/children? These types of questions are necessary to ask women, if you are few months into a new relationship. You want to know if they have these things in mind. This simple question will let you know if you're both like-minded about the subject.
  2. Where do you see yourself in a few years? Although life is not a guarantee for anyone in the future, you want to know if your woman has a life plan and see whether she will follow it. Does she want a career? Owning a home? Traveling the world? You want to know if her schedule includes you in it too.
  3. How well do you get along with your family? You can tell a lot about someone's character the way she treats her family. Ask your woman if she is close to her loved ones. Do they have family time or is she distant from them for personal reasons?
  4. How do you manage your money? Money is often a cause for relationship endings, especially when one is a huge saver and the other is frivolous with money. You can tell if she is responsible if she talks about paying bills. Make sure your woman can manage personal spending and is responsible when paying bills.
  5. Can you talk about your past relationships? This is not a comfortable topic but if you want to know more about your woman, discuss it. Ask how the relationship ended and if they are on good terms. The way someone talks about an ex (good or bad) can set the tone of your relationship, so be cautious.
  6. What are your goals for future planning? For many long-term couples, the honeymoon phase of a new relationship is over, now it's time to ask the big question; what are her goals for the future in the relationship? Discuss together how long you two want to wait before getting married, having your own home, and time to plan babies.
  7. How to keep the passion alive in the relationship? These questions can go both ways as you can answer it too. It is normal to get into a rut but ask her about ideas to keep the spark alive. You can both exchange ideas and do what is best to follow through.
  8. How to split the bills/manage money? Some couples do not bring this up in a long-term relationship and should do so before getting married. Each person should know their role when it comes to finance, would one person pay for groceries, and/or shop for the home while the other pays all utilities, mortgage/rent?
  9. How many children to have? When talking about the future, it is natural to ask your woman about children. If you both agree on having kids, how many do you want? Go accordingly to the income you both are making now. When things change financially, are you planning to have more kids?
  10. If I ever became psychically disabled, will you stay? To know the true commitment of your woman, this is the one ultimate questions. You want someone to be there through good and bad times, especially when married and to see if she stands by you if something like this ever happens.
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