10 Questions Women Are Afraid To Ask About Sex

If your woman seems to be hesitant about what she is thinking or wanting sexually, here are 10 questions women are afraid to ask about sex. Sex is important in maintaining a healthy relationship and keeps the sexual side of your relationship strong.

  1. How to make things adventurous? One of the top questions women are afraid to ask about sex is doing sexual experimenting. She might be afraid of taking risks, having sex in public or not sure about reading a sex book with 101 positions in it. Get her to be comfortable to talk to you about these things and visit a bookstore together and purchase a sex book.
  2. Are you fantasizing about other women? Women, just like men want you to be their own and only thought when hitting it between the sheets. However thoughts will wander at times as most men cannot help it but men usually fixate on other woman rather than the woman they are with. Women don't want to know this but some dare to ask, so be honest that your mind is on her.
  3. Can I use sex toys in the bedroom? Most women use it alone but few do it with a partner. Some may be afraid their men might feel hurt because she wants an object and not the real thing. The thing is, she wants both to use those toys to heighten her sexual desire with you.
  4. Is it okay to try porn star moves in bed? A simple answer to this question is no, unless you are a professional gymnast who can bend in weird ways, then do it, otherwise it is hard unless you do strenuous practices. Men do not care about porn stars as they are merely fantasy and the average lady does not move like one. Reassure her as long she is not laying flat like a dead fish, she is doing great.
  5. Can I do sexy moves before sex? Most women have no problem getting her man worked up but some women they are a little shy. If your woman does not know how, suggest her to video related sites where plenty of women pop, lock, and drop it. These acts get a man's blood pressure through the roof.
  6. How good am I in bed? Men dread this question asked by women but men have their opinion on it too. If you are going to answer honestly suggest a few things, she needs to do to become a machine in the bedroom. You do not want to offend her, just let her know if there is room for improvement.
  7. Do I smell down there? Women know that a man does not want to pass out from a horrible stench down there. If your lady is concerned, tell her it is natural to have a scent when you are exercising your tongue. If it is bad, soap and a hot a shower is always a cure, unless she has an infection.
  8. How to ease the pain during sex? Sex should be enjoyable and no pain involved (unless you enjoy S&M). Sometimes men can get too much into the act not realizing their pressure on a woman, especially if he is on top. Slowly work your way faster when you make each move so it does not hurt too much.
  9. How to explain to my boyfriend/husband about pleasing me during oral sex? Sex is about giving and receiving and both parties should enjoy sex to the fullest. If your girl expresses to you she has a hard time getting excited then you both need to discuss the issue. Ask her what she wants and where you move your tongue so she can get pleasure. You need directions and she needs to know that men are not mind readers.
  10. How can I get orgasms? The last thing a man wants to know is his woman faking to get things done. It is a blow to his ego and sexual performance. A woman needs to be comfortable with her body/self to know her likes and dislikes and tell her man what is wrong. On the other hand, a man should explore his woman’s body to get her stimulated. It takes time but other options is watching erotic films, or dirty talk.
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