10 Rabbit Hunting Tips

If you plan on rabbit hunting this season, you're going to need a few rabbit hunting tips. Although hunting is fun, it does take a good amount of skill and knowledge. Below are some rabbit hunting tips that all hunters out there may want to keep in mind.

  1. Rabbits are usually out and about around sunrise and sunset. This time is the best time to go hunting for rabbits. You are more likely to catch one at these times of day than another.
  2. To successfully hunt rabbits, you need to be as patient as a sniper. Rabbits are very aware animals that can detect any movement. This is because of their extremely honed survival instincts.
  3. Look for clovers. Wherever you find clovers is where you will usually find cottontail rabbits. They love it! It's usually a rabbit's first choice of food for these little furry rabbits.
  4. Do leap frogging. Leap frogging is a quicker way to find a rabbit. When you leap frog, you search for rabbits from one bush to another. This method is faster than covering the whole area.
  5. You're more likely to find rabbits when it's cold. Rabbit fur is not as thick as other animals, so they go and stay in their hiding places to keep warm. It's easier to catch them during the cold because they are in one place instead of hopping around freely.
  6. Ask farmers around that area where the rabbits are. Since farmers that live around the area are usually familiar with the land, you should ask them where to find rabbits. They'll be able to lead you to the rabbit trails and areas where they see rabbits the most.
  7. Find out where each type of rabbits are. Cottontails hide out in bushier areas and upland agricultural fields the most. Swamp rabbits tend to be in wet areas in moist lowlands and along streams and banks.
  8. Pay close attention to the area. Sometimes rabbits blend in and freeze when they notice irregular movement. It's best to spot a rabbit before it spots you so that you can be more aware of where the rabbit is. These things can be missed easily if you're not paying attention.
  9. Look for rabbits in blackberry and raspberry bushes during warm weather. During months of warm weather, rabbits love these bushes because they give them both food and protection. You'll definitely find those little hoppers around these bushes when it's warm.
  10. Look for a rabbit's eyes instead of their whole bodies. Since rabbits eyes are dark and round, they'll be more noticeable bushes and weeds than their bodies will. Remember to see the rabbit before it sees you.
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