10 Rainy Day Birthday Ideas

Nobody likes their birthday to be ruined by the weather so here are 10 rainy day birthday ideas. There are options for everyone so whether you are an active soul or a laid back these rainy birthday ideas should keep you occupied.

  1. Movies Theater. Head to the movie theater with a loved one. This is a classic rainy day birthday idea but remains ever popular. A nice cup popcorn and a soda will break the bank, but who cares when you are having fun?
  2. Have sex. Invite round your girlfriend, your mistress or a troupe of bimbos for some bedroom birthday fun. If all else fails then see if the misses fancies some action and enjoy one of the best rainy day birthday ideas.
  3. Hiking. It may seem a little crazy but if you have ever watched "Man versus Wild" then you will know it is fun. Find some mountains or a cliff face and brave the elements preferably with a few drunk friends and a beer. 
  4. Strip Club. It won't rain on your parade if you choose this top rainy day birthday ideas. It may get a little wet but not in the same way it will with outdoor activities. 
  5. Video Games. If you are upset that the weather put an end to your outside ideas then just get out the video game console.  Take your frustration out on the fictional characters and keep your friends entertained with this top rainy day birthday idea.
  6. The Opera. Ok this one is kind of extreme but it beats standing out in the rain right ? Some of these opera divas have awesome cleavage and this top rainy day birthday idea will make girls think you are more cultured than you are. 
  7. Night Clubbing. This entrant into the rainy day birthday ideas would probably occur whatever the weather. If it is raining just go to the club earlier, get drunk sooner and start hitting on chicks before any other guys arrive.
  8. Sports Events. Unless you are a total wimp then you will enjoy a game of football or soccer regardless of the weather. Watching your favorite team in the company of some wasted friends remains one of the best rainy day birthday ideas.
  9. Host a Party. Get in from the cold and tell your friends to bring over a keg. Who needs to go outside when you can get a ton of liquor and a stripper thrown in for good measure in this contender for the best rainy day birthday ideas. 
  10. Ghost Hunting. Those guys on the "History" channel are light weights because they only go out when the weather is pleasant. Enjoy the final idea among the rainy day birthday ideas by ghost hunting during a vicious thunderstorm.
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