10 Rainy Day Date Ideas: Los Angeles

Looking for 10 rainy day date ideas for Los Angeles? When people think of Los Angeles they think of sunlight and warm beaches. However, it does occasionally rain in Los Angeles. If you had a nice date planned, a rainy day can force you to rethink your strategy. Check out this list of the best rainy day date ideas for those who may need some ideas on where to take their dates in the rain.

  1. The American Film Institute is a great place for dates. Even on a rainy day, you can enjoy learning about the history of film. Your date will be impressed by the culture and film history that is on display in this museum, and it is a great place to walk around and discuss each other's interests while learning about American movies.
  2. The Hollywood Wax Museum can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Your date will be astonished at how life-like her favorite movie stars look. She will want to take pictures of various displays, and you will always have interesting topics to talk about as you tour the museum on your rainy day date.
  3. Another great place to take someone on a rainy day date is the California Science Center and Imax theater. There are many interesting displays at the Science Center, and a trip to an Imax movie theater is always welcome. Your date will be surrounded by the movie experience and is sure to be impressed.
  4. The famous El Capitan Theater is a local theater in Hollywood that is known for its history. Many movie actors started out on stage, and you never know if the person you are watching on stage will be the next big performer. Also, your date will love being entertained in this historic atmosphere.
  5. Grauman's Chinese Theater is one of the most famous spots in Hollywood. It is beautifully decorated and truly an one-of-a-kind experience. Your date will love seeing the footprints and hand prints of her favorite stars as she walks into the theater.
  6. If your date is hungry, the Spark Woodfire Grill is a good idea for a rainy day date. It has a casual dining atmosphere, and is known for its delicious steaks and exciting menu variety.
  7. The Palm is a favorite of the stars, and both locals and tourists alike enjoy going to a place to eat where they can rub shoulders with celebrities. Your date will enjoy the good food, great service and the chance to see some of her favorite celebrities.
  8. Any of the local shopping malls always make for a great date. People love to shop, and on a rainy day there is sometimes nothing better to do! It is fun to be able to go to a mall and experience the true American shopping experience. The mall is a great place to hang out and people watch on a rainy day.
  9. It may be raining outside, but it is always hot in the downtown Los Angeles bars. Los Angeles is well known for the rich variety of night life that the city offers, and downtown LA is a great place to view some historic sites.
  10. Take your date to watch a Los Angeles Lakers game. This is always an exciting event, and everyone enjoys spending time watching a game. The Lakers are the pride of Los Angeles, and everyone is sure to have a good time at their games.


Mann Theaters

El Capitan

Hollywood Wax Museum

The American Film Institute

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