10 Rainy Day Date Ideas In Seattle

Enjoy these 10 rainy day date ideas in Seattle. Just be glad you will not have to wait for the rain to enjoy them. Seattle is full of things to do and plenty of indoor activities for you to explore while you are waiting for the sun to come out.

  1. Head to Woodinville's Redhook Brewery, where you get a tour and 6 tastes for only $1! The tour last an hour, when you can then head down to the restaurants and get some fantastic food.
  2. Have a paint party. Get some poster board and poster paints. Enjoy finger painting, nose painting, and any other body part you can think of to create the world's next masterpiece.
  3. Head out to your local thrift store or Salvation Army to challenge your date to a spending spree. The rules are simple. Each of you have $5 to spend to find something fun for your date to wear. Try to find a complete outfit for each other and and then wear them to a movie theater. 
  4. Go on a dessert only date. Have dinner at home, then dress up and head out to one of the fanciest restaurants in town. You will get to enjoy the luxurious atmosphere without having to drop a fortune on an entire dinner.
  5. Either light a fire in the fire place or use a group of candles to create a warm setting for you to enjoy. Take turns reading poetry to each other by the light of the fire.
  6. Spend an evening enjoying your favorite hobbies together. If you happen to be a stamp collector and are behind catching up your album, share you hobby with your date and catch it up together.
  7. Go to the local skating rink and rent some skates. Enjoy ice skating then take a break to sip on hot chocolate.
  8. Cook dinner together, in the nude. If you and your date know each other very well, consider cooking in the kitchen together. Just be sure to not get too distracted and forget to turn off the stove!
  9. Head over to the local library. There are several cozy nooks to enjoy reading each other poetry, or grab a couple of Dr. Seuss books and try to get through the tongue twisters.
  10. Get out the deck of cards. Whether you have played hundreds of games together, or this is the first game, you will be able to enjoy quality time focusing on each other while the cards will give you something to do. Maybe you could even bet on the outcome of a game? Second-date stakes, anyone? 

Just use your imagination and these ideas to jump start the perfect indoor date in Seattle. Soon, you will hoping it will be a rainy day so you can explore the date ideas in Seattle.

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