10 Rainy Night Date Ideas

Bad weather sucks, but here are 10 rainy night date ideas to help keep you and your love entertained. Nothings worse than having plans to hit the town with your sexy somebody for it to be ruined by crappy weather. Well, don't get down about it. There are ways to salvage the night. Actually, there are ways to make it a wonderful evening. So, here are some ideas for a rainy night date.

  1. Cook For Her. Women love a guy that knows his way around the kitchen. Here's an idea for a rainy night. If you can't make your reservations to that expensive restaurant, set your dinner table, run her some bath water, and while's she's winding down whip up some grub. It doesn't have to be fancy. You'll get major points for going through the trouble.
  2. Chick Flick Marathon. If you guys are stuck in the house, throw on some movies she'd enjoy. Let her cuddle up to you while you watch…. ewww "The Notebook". Here's an even better idea for a rainy night. Get your hands on "Mr And Mrs. Smith". Yeah it's still a chick flick, but at least it has guns. Any who, you know the cuddling will lead to something else.
  3. Strip games. Why not play a board game, a card game, anything that you can manipulate the rules. Set up some parameters like every time she passes "Go" she's got to remove an article of clothing. Great rainy night date idea huh?
  4. Become The Master Masseuse. How about a full body, full contact, naked massage for your lady? No one's going to turn this town. Break out the oils and the candles. Get the romantic music playing and get it started. Remember take your time to build up her pleasure, and her restlessness. Be thorough. It's going to be a fun rainy night date.
  5. Video Games. Play some competitive video games with an added bonus. If she loses, she's got to _______ (fill in the blank) and vice versa. This is a game where there are no losers. If she wins, you win. If she loses, you win. Nice odds right, and a nice rainy night date idea.
  6. Last Minute Party. If you cant get out of the house, chances are you guys have some mutual friends that don't appreciate the current state of the weather. Try throwing an impromptu get together. Invite your fun buddies over and have a blast. Make sure to invite some of her friends too.
  7. Make the best of the rain. Walks in the rain can be very romantic. If it happens to be raining on a warm night, don't let a little water keep you indoors. Grab an umbrella and take a walk. Spend this time talking and learning more about each other. It's guaranteed she'll remember this night for a long time to come.
  8. Do something different. If you can't hop on a plane and fly somewhere, why not just try to find something new to do. Make it something neither one of you have done. You've never been to a play? Try to find one. Maybe you guys aren't into sports. Try to get tickets. The object here is to keep the rain from ruining your evening. If you find something new to do that you actually enjoy, there will never be rainy nights that'll keep you in.
  9. Talk. When's the last time you guys just sat and connected with one another? Rainy days are the perfect time for that. Turn off the TV. Turn off the music. Get rid of all outside distractions and just focus on each other. This could turn out to be a very fulfilling evening.
  10. You could just have sex. What better way to past the time? Just make it an all night sex fest. Only stop for water and bathroom breaks. Then take her out the following day. I'm sure you'll both be hungry by then.
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