10 Rap Love Quotes


Believe it or not, you'll probably use one of these 5 rap love quotes to describe any love situation, from romantic rap lyrics that you might whisper in your girlfriend's ear to quotes that express your love for friends and family, to words that you might recycle to break up with that Shakira look-alike that shattered your heart and used the pieces to scrape up and consume what little ego you had left. Whatever your situation, there are rap love quotes to comfort you. Not only are you not alone–you're in the company of rap's greats–Tupac Shakur,  Run DMC, Kanye West, and Eve among others.  

  1. Tupac Shakur "Unconditional Love" Tupac, or 2pac, reflects on life, love and religion in this bittersweet song and how unconditional love has helped him through hard times, "because it ain't easy being who we are." This slow, sensual beat against a backdrop of female R&B singers crooning "unconditional love" is a great song for slow-dancing or grinding with your girl. Skip the uncomfortable slow dance with your best bud, and support him and other loved ones living tough times with a short note that includes this quote: "Though things change, the future's still inside of me/We must remember that tomorrow comes after the dark/So you will always be in my heart, with unconditional love."
  2. Eminem "97 Bonnie and Clyde" Far from romantic love's poster boy, Eminem's love for his daughter Hailie can only be described as sincere and a little over the top. The song is dark with an even beat interspersed with sound bytes of a little girl (maybe Hailie, but probably not) giggling, talking, and sometimes crying. Despite disturbing moments in this song describing a twisted road trip (Em and Hailie in the car, Hailie's mom in the trunk), the quotes describing Em's love for his little girl are touching: "Nobody in this world is ever gonna keep you from me/ I love you" and help deflect the sizzling hatred Eminem violently expresses for his ex.
  3. Eve "Love is Blind" is a great song about bad love. Opening with a guitar riff and female vocals, Eve raps about a man her girlfriend used to date. The laid-back guitar riffs and smooth vocals contrast well with Eve's clear, concise and passionate rapping about women putting up with "bad" (seriously abusive) behavior from men. If you feel like you identify with the villains she describes, change. Know what Eve's talking about? Psych yourself or a friend out of an abusive or unhealthy relationship with lyrics like "them things wasn't worth none of the pain that he brings/That wasn't love babygirl, you was dreamin'" and remember "Love is blind/It will take over your mind."
  4. Kanye West "Love Lockdown" If your "love" is seeming a tad obsessive and verging on unhealthy, blast some Kanye West and get a grip with someone who has walked a few miles in those shoes. After a very electronic, intensely calm beginning half-rapping, half-singing using electronic distortions, Kanye builds intensity and segues into full-fledged singing against heavy, multi-layered, tribal-sounding percussion with background keyboard. Skip the "it's not you, it's me" break-up and use Kanye's words:  "I'm not lovin' you the way I wanted to/ I can't keep myself, and still keep you too."  
  5. Run DMC "Let's Stay Together" This positive down-to-earth song is about Run DMC's love for friends and family members. Skillful rapid-fire rap from some of the genre's best artists is mixed with smooth R&B vocals by Jagged Edge that verge on gospel-esque in some moments. Ideal for an all-age group dance session, this song is family friendly and catchy. Scrawl a few lines like these "ain't no beats to lead somebody you love/Best thing in life, is to have somebody ya heard/ So keep it together/ Good days, happy or sad" into a friend or family-member's birthday card.
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