10 Rap Songs About Murder

Here are the 10 best rap songs about murder. Rap is hard core, and murder is a subject not uncommon in the lyrics of hip hop. This list constitutes a wide variety of scenarios. Some songs are the typical "shoot em up," and some go a bit deeper. Here is the list of the ten best rap songs about murder in no particular order.

  1. "Murder was the Case" by Snoop Dogg. In this rather eerie rap, Snoop describes his own death and obviously, if the title didn't give it away, murder was clearly involved.
  2. "8 is Enuff" by Big L. "I put chumps to rest fast." This rap about murder is your typical gangster song. Don't mess with this guy if you don't want to get hurt.
  3. "Who Shot Ya" by Notorious BIG. This is the East coast/West coast rivalry at its best. The song is a shot at 2Pac. But don't worry, 2Pac had a rebuttal of his own to this one.
  4. "Hit Em Up" by 2Pac. Supposedly, this is Tupac's response to Biggie's song. Either way, unfortunately, both of these talents ended up shot and dead at far too young an age. Sometimes, life does imitate art.
  5. "A Nightmare on My Street" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. After those two murder rap songs, here is a lighter look. This song is the Fresh Prince's imagining of Freddy coming to his street. The music from the movie plays in the background; it gives you the creeps.
  6. "187 He Wrote" by Spice. "I'm wakin up in the morning thinkin of death as I break out in a cold sweat/I'm havin dreams of a whole family put to rest/ Visions of a dead man body bags." This quote says it all.
  7. "Reunited" by the Wu Tang Clan. The explicit lyrics in this rap song make it nearly impossible to quote from, but amongst the topics covered, murder is one.
  8. "Stan" by Eminem. In this song, a psychotic fan is described. Eminem shows the scary side when obsession can cross the line and lead to murder. This rap song will make you think. 
  9. "Here and Now" by Onxy. This rap song, like others on the list, is about a rap war. It is about violence unleashed.
  10. "6 Feet Deep" by Gravediggaz. This rap song about murder doesn't mess around. "I'll take an axe to your back." He kills a man and throws him in a grave he dug to let him rot.
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