10 Rap Songs With Good Bass

While some hip-hop tunes are all about the lyrics, others are about the big, booming bass; here are 10 rap songs with good bass that will test the limits of your subwoofers and put the thunder in your down under. These aren't the only 10 rap songs with good bass, but they are prime examples of what is meant by "trunk-rattling" songs that if you have a decent system in your ride, will be heard from down the block. Set your tuners and take a look at our list of 10 rap songs with good bass.

  1. "Hip-Hop" by Dead Prez – Known by many as the intro song for Dave Chappelle on "Chappelle's Show," the subwoofer-straining "Hip-Hop" not only has a thick bass groove but a crunked-up southern beat. It's an easy choice when you're looking for rap songs with good bass to test the limits of your system.
  2. "Ghetto Bass" by 2 Live Crew – The kings of dirty rap and Miami bass are an essential choice for any list of rap songs with good bass.
  3. "St. Louie" by Nelly – This cut, the opener of Nelly's debut "Country Grammar," has not one but two basslines to test your system.
  4. "B.O.B." by OutKast – The Roland 808 kick-drum sound powers the bass frequencies on this up-tempo, dance music influenced hip-hop hit.
  5. "Let Me Ride" by Dr. Dre – From "The Chronic," this is a definitive classic of G-funk rap songs with good bass.
  6. "B-O-O-T-A-Y" by Spank Rock & Benny Blanco – This rump-shaking trunk shaker is a tribute to the bass heavy, dirty style pioneered by 2 Live Crew.
  7. "Two Words" by Kanye West (featuring Freeway and Mos Def) – The hardest banger on Kanye's debut album, "The College Dropout," sounds great on any good system.
  8. "Ruff Ryders Anthem" by DMX – When the synthesized bass of this track kicks in, it's hard not to feel it.
  9. "Stay Fly" by Three-6-Mafia – Slow, monolithic bass that is almost psychedelic in its overwhelming quality.
  10. "Gimme the Loot" by the Notorious B.I.G. – Biggie's hardest lyrics flow perfectly over his hardest track, capping off the list of 10 rap songs with good bass.
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